1. Pomegranate or Almond Bud? Biblical Archaeology is more about politics then the Bible. Read about the misidentification of the only artifact from Solomon's Temple, and it's link to the Aaronic Priesthood and the Jewish Temple.

2. The Last Jihad! Ezekiel 38 & 39 may be the end of Islam in the Bible, and the beginning of the building of the Third Jewish Temple (Ezekiel's Temple of Ezekiel 40 - 48)! Read my speculation of what may be happening in the Middle East today.

3. Environmental Deception! Scare you to death if you are gullible! Read what a former Governor of Washington State discovered when she looked into environmental foolishness.  

4. Last Day's of the Church Age? Are we about to be spued from God's mouth? The end of an era (dispensation) is about to take place. The rapture of real Christians will leave behind the Great Apostate Church of the tribulation era (dispensation).

5. Apology from the Tomb! The bones of a real Bible character are found in the very shadow of the Temple Mount! Read about this dastardly character who rose to power by shedding the blood of the innocent.

6. Four Biblical Eras for the Nations. A unique overview (the big picture) of Ezekiel. A different perspective of the conflict between God and sin filled mankind.

7. The Second Woe! Who are the Two Witnesses of Revelation 11, and what is their mission? They may be alive somewhere in Israel today waiting for God to call them to their unique ministry. Building Ezekiel's Temple?

8. The Gentile Stranger in a Jewish Dispensation. How will the Gentile fit into the next Jewish dispensation (the coming tribulation period)? I look into how the Gentile fit into the Old Testament Jewish community for the answer. Most Gentiles will be part of the Great Apostate Church, but some will follow the God of a new Messianic movement among the Jewish people.


Pomegranate or Almond Bud (DDSrail)

Proof that the Archaeology Pod is indeed all-inclusive, this controversial BEST OF POD choice challenges the stance that academic archaeology--even "biblical" archaeology--takes against traditional religions. DDSrail's argument centers around the ivory "pomegranate," currently displayed by the Israel Museum, believed to be the only artifact extant from the First (Solomon's) Temple in Jerusalem. Discussion of this page is invited in the Archaeology Pod message boards.

BEST of POD - June 13, 1999

Edited by DDSrail - June 24, 2000