Know Why Environmental Sin is the Greatest Sin of All

A review, yet more then a review of Dixie Lee Ray's book on Environmental Overkill.

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More then 30 years ago I read Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring." I was impressed with the need for environmental action. I used to live in Butte, Montana. When the smelters were in full operation at the turn of the century not only did all the trees die in Silver Bow county, but all the cats and dogs. One of our neighbor's sent a sample from her garden for a free governmental analysis. She received a prompt reply that not only was the arsenic content beyond safe standards, but was so high that the method of disposal of such foods is regulated. She had to burn the entire harvest.

We bought our water by the gallon at the IGA like most folks buy milk because the Butte Water Utility could not supply safe water. The Berkley pit (one of the largest open pit mines) is presently abandoned, and filling with 10 million gallons of mine acid water every day. It is advertized as the world's largest body of polluted water. In a few more years it will begin spilling over into the aquifer if no action is taken. Common sense dictates that Butte needs environmental action. After reading this book, I conclude that common sense environmental action no longer exists. Environmental restoration and protection has been hijacked by politically motivated extremists. The cost of submitting to this modern environmental movement, even for Butte, Montana, is just too high.

This book is essential, if you want to know the state of our secular world. It reveals how environmental problems are being politicized, and imaginary problems exploded into doomsday hysteria. The book is in six parts, but the kernel can be found

in the first 64 pages under the heading "The Air Above Us." It is quick to see that science is no longer science in this present secular world. The masses of people who reject the Creator God of the Bible have put their faith in a new science for the answers and solutions to life. Now a pseudo-science has been manifested as a political tool to manipulate the masses. Are CFC's destroying the ozone layer? Will we all soon die of skin cancer? Is the greenhouse effect already melting the ice cap? Is major coastal flooding by rising oceans already beginning? Will the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil set the agenda for the salvation of planet earth? Read the book!

I would like to conclude with a recent experience. I was confronted by a neighbor who said: "How can you call yourself a Christian when you do not recycle!" There is a new morality being manifested. President Clinton can admit to adultery and still be electable because he is environmentally correct. The new environmental fines are from 25 to 50 thousand dollars a day, and mandatory jail time. Do you see what is happening? To sin against the environment is becoming the greater iniquity, even surpassing immorality and violent crime. In the end, God will be the Judge, but the standard will be the Bible. The most important question will not be environmental, but what did you do with My Son the Lord Jesus Christ! Did you receive Him or reject Him! There is a judgement of works in the Bible where immorality, violence, and even environmental abuse will be addressed by God. It is why the "lake of fire" was part of His creation. Some will be pardoned from this great and final judgement of all men who violated God's purity and holiness.

Rev 20:11-15

My friend, there is only one way to be certain your name is written in the "book of life." That is to admit that you are guilty. A man who commits adultery has sinned. An empty can tossed out the window is sin. Big sins, little sins, they all violate God's purity and holiness. There is only One who came, and proved He had power to forgive men of their sins.

Matt 9:2-7

John 3:16-21

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