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Tuesday - July 1, 2008

Iran Aims Shahab-3B Missiles at Dimona

by Hana Levi Julian

(IsraelNN.com) Iran has aimed its Shahab-3B ballistic missiles at the State of Israel, according to a report published Sunday in a British newspaper.

The Times of London reports that the missiles were moved on to launch pads and are reportedly focused on several targets in the Jewish State, among them the nuclear reactor in the Negev city of Dimona.

The Shahab-3B can be armed with a variety of different types of explosives, including conventional high explosives and submunitions as well as chemical, biological, radiological dispersion and, potentially, nuclear warheads. The missile, an "enhanced" version of the Shahab rocket, is believed to have been produced in ranges of approximately 1,300-1,500 km and 2,000 km, according to Jane's Defence News, bring it well within range of Israel's cities. 

The move came following a large-scale exercise earlier this month in which the Israel Air Force flew en masse over the Mediterranean in an apparent rehearsal for a threatened attack on Iran's nuclear installations. 

Defense sources quoted by the newspaper said the missiles were readied for a counterstrike should Israel attack Iran.

General Mohammad Ali Jafari, commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard which operates the missiles, threatened over the weekend that "Iran has many different ways to strike worldwide… and the important part of this is based on our missiles."

Israel has repeatedly warned that Iran is preparing a nuclear weapon of mass destruction, and has stated that it will not tolerate a threat to its existence. 

Shabtai Shavit, the former director of Israel's international intelligence agency, the Mossad, said in an interview with the British Telegraph newspaper published Sunday that the window of opportunity to stop Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon is rapidly closing.

The intelligence chief estimated that the Islamic Republic would achieve its goal of developing such a weapon within "somewhere around a year."

He added that the sooner Israel made plans for that probability, the better off the Jewish State would be. "As an intelligence officer working with the worst-case scenario, I can tell you we should be prepared," he said. "We should do whatever necessary on the defensive side, on the offensive side, on the public opinion side for the West, in case sanctions don't work. What's left is a military action."

Shavit said it would be preferable to have American support for a strike on Iran, if Israel is forced to fall back on that option, but predicted that US presidential elections might eliminate that possibility.

"If (Republican candidate John) McCain gets elected, he could really easily make a decision to go for it. If it's Obama: no. My prediction is that he won't go for it, at least not in his first term in the White House," said, Shavit.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has vowed numerous times over the past two years that he intends to annihilate the State of Israel. He has referred to the Jewish State as a "malignant cancerous growth,"  which he has repeatedly said he intends to "wipe off the map."


I don't know how much more can happen leading up to the fulfillment of the Islamic invasion of Israel as described by Ezekiel in chapters 38 & 39. The fact that Iran can now  neutralize the Israel's nuclear deterrent opens the door for invasion. The Islamic barbarians think nothing of sacrificing their armies to the praise of Allah, but they must have some assurance of victory. A nuclear tipped Shahab - 3b missile is the element needed to give Islam the assurance that the Jews would never win. Islam knows logistically they outnumber the Jews a billion to a mere million.  The slaughter would be one sided once the masses of human wave barbarians entered into the Holy Land. It was the Jewish bomb that prevented such a plan for it neutralized the advantage the Islamic barbarians have in numbers. Islam finally can see the light they longed for. A vulnerable Jewish nation unprepared for the quick moving blitzkrieg of Islamic hate. The time has run out. The North Korean tested and tried nuclear technology that entered the Middle East through Syria has most assuredly moved on to Iran by now. It is just too late!

I would expect a good time for Islam to move would be with the collapse of the Olmert government which is coinciding with the presidential elections taking place here in the US. A leadership void plays right into the hands of the barbarians. Another double whammy like this may never come again. Iran could even bluff their way through keeping the Jews from pressing the nuclear button.

The timing of the coming Islamic invasion can't be known until it happens, but the surety of the invasion is locked in the pages of Ezekiel chapters 38 & 39. Old Persia which is Iran is prominent. They make up the entire Eastern prong of the Islamic three pronged invasion.

Folks, the time has come! The hate of Islam for the Jews is at the boil. The confusion among this generation of evil politicians is at a peak. Evangelical America is blind including in its ranks some of the greatest haters of the Jews since the Nazis. The Islamic hate has infiltrated this great apostate whore of today's Christianity. It is sad when former Evangelical Presidents like Jimmy Carter tour the world saying, and doing despicable things toward Israel. They encourage Islam to strike!

Ezekiel 39 tells us God will supernaturally destroy the invaders. What impotent Christianity, and incompetent Jewish secular government can't do - God will! Nothing is going to stop God from instituting dispensational change into this evil generation. The Church Age is ending, and the Jewish Kingdom Age is about to be ushered in. The times of the gentiles will end at Armageddon when Christ will return to the Holy Land, Jerusalem, and the Temple Mount. Islam will have been wiped off the map, and a Holy Jewish Temple with a throne will await His arrival. Friend understand the chronology of Ezekiel 36 - 48. The dry bones come together, and live (36,37). The Islamic invasion tkes place with the utter destruction of the invaders (38,39). The Temple of Ezekiel is built in anticipation for the soon returning Christ/Messiah/King of the Jews/King of Glory (40 - 48). Oh friend, come to this Christ of the Bible for the forgiveness of your sin before you have to face His wrath. There is no fence sitting with this God of the Bible. All is revealed. There is no wait and see. The time is now for you to come to Christ!


Ezekiel 43:7

7 And he said unto me, Son of man, the place of my throne, and the place of the soles of my feet, where I will dwell in the midst of the children of Israel for ever, and my holy name, shall the house of Israel no more defile, neither they, nor their kings, by their whoredom, nor by the carcases of their kings in their high places.





Wednesday - July 2, 2008

Olmert: Don't interpret Israel's restraint in Gaza as weakness

By Haaretz Service and The Associated Press

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Tuesday warned that though Israel is exhibiting patience in the face of violence from the Gaza Strip, the Palestinians should not interpret Israel's restraint as weakness.

"We are in favor of a genuine calm," Olmert said while on a tour of southern Israel. "If it prevails, fine. If it doesn't, we know how to respond with full force, and in a manner that will guarantee complete security to the residents of the south."

Israel and the rulers of the Gaza Strip, Hamas, agreed on an Egyptian-brokered cease fire last month, under which Palestinians would stop firing rockets and shells into Gaza-border Israeli communities, and Israel would open its border crossings and refrain from military operations within the Strip.

Israel once again shut its cargo crossings with Gaza earlier Tuesday, accusing Gaza militants of violating the truce by firing a rocket at southern Israel on Monday. Gaza's Hamas rulers denied a rocket was fired and accused Israel of trying to shirk its commitment under the cease-fire to ease its bruising blockade of Gaza.

Gaza militants have attacked Israel at least three times since the truce went into effect on June 19. Israel has responded by closing its crossings with Gaza, but has not responded militarily.

"The closing of the border today is unjustified and another indication that the Israeli occupation is maneuvering and trying to dodge the conditions of the calm understanding," Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said.


The problem is that the Islamic barbarians do look at the Israeli restraint as weakness. It is the political weakness of the Olmert government which has proved itself impotent time after time that emboldens the Palestinian Arabs. Olmert is fully committed to the Road Map which would turn back the Exodus clock to the pre 1967 Six Day War era when the Jews drove the Jordanians out of Judah and Samaria, the Syrians out of the Golan Heights, and took possession of all the city of Jerusalem including the Temple Mount. It was not just Islam which was shocked, but the whole world was awed at this huge blessing the God of the Bible poured out on the Jews. We are now 40 plus years past this greatest manifestation of God on this evil generation, and all the politicians are pushing the Road Map as the only acceptable plan to bring peace to the Holy Land. This evil generation is doing all that is possible to reverse this miraculous Third Exodus. They want to reverse all God has done for the Jews. They do not want God to continue in the path He is going bringing about the end of this Age. God has said clearly in the Bible that His intent is to remove all the politicians, all the gentile nations, and all the religious leaders replacing them all with the meek and humble. The great men of this evil generation intend to fight God to their death before ever giving up their power.

Revelation 6:15-17

15 And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains;

16 And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb:

17 For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?


It should be no wonder that this evil generation has only the Road Map. It matters not if it is Republican or Democrat, Likud or Labor, Christian or Jew. It is only the Road Map that any will consider. It is only the reversal of all God has already done.

Friend, nothing can stop God from fulfilling His plan for planet earth. This evil generation is going down. Unless you are "born again" you will go down with it. Peace with God is possible through the LORD Jesus Christ. He died at Calvary as the perfect sacrifice for sin. His blood has the power to wash away sin. Friend, only the Christ of the Bible has the power to save. Won't you come to Him with all your heart, soul, and might. It must be total surrender to His perfect righteousness before the blood will be applied to the sin filled heart. It is a miracle., It is available to you this very day, but dear friend you must come to Him. This is where Biblical Christianity begins. There is no other way.


Matthew 11:28-30

28 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.






Thursday - July 3, 2008

Men Who Killed Terrorist: Policeman Was in the Way

by Hillel Fendel

(IsraelNN.com) Moshe Plesser, the yeshiva student off-duty soldier who killed the bulldozer-driver terrorist, explained how he and security guard Oron Ben-Shimon stopped the murderous rampage.

Moshe did not wish to speak with the media, but hours afterwards read a written statement. He began by calling the attack a "murderous attack on our holy and beloved land, part of the war in which we find ourselves."  He then thanked all those who, he said, had a hand in helping him act correctly: "First of all, thanks to G-d, and secondly to the education and upbringing I received, beginning in the Morashah Talmud Torah in Jerusalem, and then the Dimona Yeshiva High School, and then the Yitzhar and Kiryat Arba Hesder yeshivot, and finally to my army training, for helping me act in the way every soldier and citizen should.  I also wish to thank my brother-in-law David Shapira for serving as a personal example [Shapira was one of the two who killed the terrorist in Merkaz HaRav earlier this year - ed.] "

"As far as what happened," Plesser continued: "I was bicycling from the center of town [westward] towards my home, when I saw a bulldozer battering a bus lying on its side and a lot of commotion. I immediately realized that it was a terrorist attack. I threw the bicycle to the side, and I ran towards the scene, trying to get as close as I could to the bulldozer so that I could get on it and stop the driver.  As I got closer I tried to somehow get a weapon.  When the bulldozer stopped, a policeman climbed up, and I climbed up right behind him, screaming at him to shoot." 

"Oron Ben-Shimon, with whom I was privileged to cooperate in stopping the terrorist, also climbed up, and he and the policeman tried to stop him with their hands. At first I could not shoot him, because the policeman stood in between us and the terrorist. The terrorist suddenly got up and started to drive again, screaming out Allahu Akbar, and Oron was able to turn the steering wheel so that the bulldozer wouldn't run over more cars.  Finally, I was able to grab Oron's gun and shoot over the heads of the policeman and Oron, three bullets to his head.  Then a Yassam policeman got on and fired again to ascertain his death."

Moshe can be seen in a blue shirt, outside the bulldozer cabin, in many of the videos of the attack being circulated.

Oron Ben-Shimon, a security guard at the nearby Kupat Cholim Leumit office, also took part in the save.  He said that when he saw the shovel of the bulldozer mowing things down, "I ran towards it. When I got there, the bulldozer was stopped, I got up on it - Moshe helped me - and we tried to stop the driver, who looked like he was fainted on the steering wheel. But then he suddenly got up and started the bulldozer going again. I couldn't get to my gun, and also the policeman was in between me and the terrorist - so I punched him [the terrorist] and that stunned him... Then Moshe - who really deserves all credit; of all the people there, he was the one who responded the most correctly - quickly realized what was happening, and took the gun from my holster and shot the terrorist three times in the head. Then a Yassam policeman got on board, shot another bullet, and that was it."

The journalists listening to the accounts of Plesser and Ben-Shimon praised them highly, as well as the policeman and the Yassam officer.  The fact that the policeman did not shoot and kill the terrorist, and the questions raised as a result, were not mentioned outright.


I hope the gun control crowd can understand this same scenario can happen just as easily here as it happened in Jerusalem. Taking guns out of the hands of the good guys is foolishness. These Islamic barbarians have no conscience crying out Allah be praised while crushing to death primarily women and children. Two woman and an infant died in this targeted attack which injured 45 others. Islam nurtures this behavior through the worship of the god of the barbarians. They will party all night in the streets of Gaza at the news of two Israeli women and a Jewish baby crushed to death by one of their holy warriors. No greater act of Islamic righteousness can be done then what this latest barbarian did. Islamic theology says he will spend eternity in Paradise with some 70 sex kittens as a reward for his selfless act of murder on helpless Jews.

Ezekiel 39 should be no wonder as it describes the end of all Islamic influence over the Holy Land. I do not know of a more horrific end to any other group of heathen as takes place in Ezekiel 39. Islam has reached the lowest form of total depravity. They have raised a generation united in only one thing, and that is the hate they have for the Jews. Included is the same hate for any who would support the Jews. The hate begins at the cradle, and never ends even to the grave. The entire culture Islam influences is a never ending message that the Jews must be exterminated. The blow Islam received in 1948 when the infant State of Israel miraculously withstood the entire might of the Arab League was where the hate began. That humiliating defeat at the foot of the God of the Bible can never be forgotten in the Islamic culture. Islam lost face. Allah lost face. Mohammed lost face. 1967 was like rubbing salt in the wound when the Jews, and the God of the Jews had that great victory over the Arabs resulting in Judah and Samaria becoming Jewish. The greatest prize of all the city of Jerusalem became Jewish. The most humiliating event of modern Islamic history was when they realized the sovereignty over the Temple Mount transferred into Jewish hands. The hate for the Jews from then on had no bounds. The slimy suicide bombers were released to wreak havoc on the world. 911 was a high point in suicide bombing. Always it is not military, but civilian targets that the bombers seek. Innocent women and children are always the aim of these Islamic barbarians. The nurtured generation has matured in this our generation. An entire culture of seared conscience barbarians capable of the worst atrocities the world has ever seen. A nurtured culture where the mindless beast rules the mind.

The God of the Bible is about to wipe out this filth that has manifested itself on the planet. Ezekiel 39 has been sitting there for thousands of years waiting for this generation to emerge. Friend, the wrath of God is real, and I warn you not to be standing in the way when it comes. The only refuge for the sinner is Christ. He sacrificed Himself to be the Savior of the world, but He does not force salvation on anyone. You must come to Him in order to be saved. It is your free will that must respond for the Bible says you are condemned already. Won't you come to this Christ of the Bible, and live.

John 3:18-19

18 He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

19 And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.



Ezekiel 39

The End of Islam

39:1 Therefore, thou son of man, prophesy against Gog, and say, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I am against thee, O Gog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal:
2 And I will turn thee back, and leave but the sixth part of thee, and will cause thee to come up from the north parts, and will bring thee upon the mountains of Israel:
3 And I will smite thy bow out of thy left hand, and will cause thine arrows to fall out of thy right hand.

4 Thou shalt fall upon the mountains of Israel, thou, and all thy bands, and the people that is with thee: I will give thee unto the ravenous birds of every sort, and to the beasts of the field to be devoured.

5 Thou shalt fall upon the open field: for I have spoken it, saith the Lord GOD.
6 And I will send a fire on Magog, and among them that dwell carelessly in the isles: and they shall know that I am the LORD.

7 So will I make my holy name known in the midst of my people Israel; and I will not let them pollute my holy name any more: and the heathen shall know that I am the LORD, the Holy One in Israel.
8 Behold, it is come, and it is done, saith the Lord GOD; this is the day whereof I have spoken.

9 And they that dwell in the cities of Israel shall go forth, and shall set on fire and burn the weapons, both the shields and the bucklers, the bows and the arrows, and the handstaves, and the spears, and they shall burn them with fire seven years:
10 So that they shall take no wood out of the field, neither cut down any out of the forests; for they shall burn the weapons with fire: and they shall spoil those that spoiled them, and rob those that robbed them, saith the Lord GOD.


11 And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will give unto Gog a place there of graves in Israel, the valley of the passengers on the east of the sea: and it shall stop the noses of the passengers: and there shall they bury Gog and all his multitude: and they shall call it The valley of Hamon-gog.

12 And seven months shall the house of Israel be burying of them, that they may cleanse the land.

13 Yea, all the people of the land shall bury them; and it shall be to them a renown the day that I shall be glorified, saith the Lord GOD.

14 And they shall sever out men of continual employment, passing through the land to bury with the passengers those that remain upon the face of the earth, to cleanse it: after the end of seven months shall they search.

15 And the passengers that pass through the land, when any seeth a man's bone, then shall he set up a sign by it, till the buriers have buried it in the valley of Hamon-gog.
16 And also the name of the city shall be Hamonah. Thus shall they cleanse the land.

17 And, thou son of man, thus saith the Lord GOD; Speak unto every feathered fowl, and to every beast of the field, Assemble yourselves, and come; gather yourselves on every side to my sacrifice that I do sacrifice for you, even a great sacrifice upon the mountains of Israel, that ye may eat flesh, and drink blood.

18 Ye shall eat the flesh of the mighty, and drink the blood of the princes of the earth, of rams, of lambs, and of goats, of bullocks, all of them fatlings of Bashan.
19 And ye shall eat fat till ye be full, and drink blood till ye be drunken, of my sacrifice which I have sacrificed for you.

20 Thus ye shall be filled at my table with horses and chariots, with mighty men, and with all men of war, saith the Lord GOD.

21 And I will set my glory among the heathen, and all the heathen shall see my judgment that I have executed, and my hand that I have laid upon them.

22 So the house of Israel shall know that I am the LORD their God from that day and forward.

23 And the heathen shall know that the house of Israel went into captivity for their iniquity: because they trespassed against me, therefore hid I my face from them, and gave them into the hand of their enemies: so fell they all by the sword.
24 According to their uncleanness and according to their transgressions have I done unto them, and hid my face from them.

25 Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD; Now will I bring again the captivity of Jacob, and have mercy upon the whole house of Israel, and will be jealous for my holy name;

26 After that they have borne their shame, and all their trespasses whereby they have trespassed against me, when they dwelt safely in their land, and none made them afraid.

27 When I have brought them again from the people, and gathered them out of their enemies' lands, and am sanctified in them in the sight of many nations;
28 Then shall they know that I am the LORD their God, which cause them to be led into captivity among the heathen: but I have gathered them unto their own land, and have left none of them any more there.
29 Neither will I hide my face any more from them: for I have poured out my spirit upon the house of Israel, saith the Lord GOD.




Friday - July 4, 2008

US military chief says attacking Iran would be extremely stressful

America's military chief has dampened expectations that the United States is preparing a military attack on Iran.

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has also hinted that an attack by Israel would be unwelcome by the United States.

Navy Adm. Mike Mullen, speaking to reporters in Washington after a trip to Israel, was forthright in his concerns about the stability of the Middle East, but said solutions lay in diplomatic, financial, and international pressure.

He highlighted Iran as a destablizing force and said he believed the country was seeking to develop nuclear weapons, but warned that any attack on Iran would have ramifications that no-one could predict. He also warned of the stress a new war would have on the U.S. military.

The chairman said a broad concern exists for the overall stability level in the Middle East. “From the U.S. military perspective, opening up a third front right now would be extremely stressful on us," he said. "That doesn’t mean we don’t have capacity or reserves, but it would really be very challenging, and the consequences of that would be difficult to predict,” he said.

“Every move in the Middle East is a high-risk move, and that’s why it is so important that the international, financial, economic and diplomatic pieces be brought to bear with a level of intensity that resolves this,” Mullen said.

Mullen said his two-day visit to Israel was very informative. Israeli Army Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi, the chief of staff for the Israeli Defense Force, hosted the admiral. Mullen also met Defense Minister Ehud Barak and toured Israeli bases in the north near the border with Syria and Lebanon and in the south near the Gaza Strip.

“Whenever I visit Israel, I always am struck by the very real threats they face and what I call the tyranny of ‘close-quarters geography,’” he said.

The prime reason for his trip was to reaffirm the close alliance between the United States and Israel and to forge the personal relationships that underpin the relationship. It was the chairman’s third visit with Ashkenazi since taking office in October.

“My position with regard to the Iranian regime has not changed,” the chairman said. “They remain a destabilizing factor in the area. I’m convinced the solution still lies in using other elements of national power to change Iranian behavior, including diplomatic, financial and international pressure.”


It is interesting to note that the experts say we have the ability to stop Iran, but not the political will. It is just too stressful to contemplate. I firmly believe that a nuclear Iran neutralizes the deterrent Israel has had that keeps Islam from invading. This generation of politicians are on record as doing nothing to stop such an invasion from taking place. Islam knows they can mount an army that outnumbers the Jews more then 100 to 1. It has been Israel's nuclear deterrent that has prevented Islam from invading, and wiping out the Jews of Israel. The recent victory of Hizbullah in Lebanon has emboldened Islam to think victory over the Jews, in spite of their God of the Bible, is possible. All the miraculous victories the Jews have had over the Arab armies in the past have become meaningless. The tide has turned in the minds of Islam, and with a nuclear Iran a victorious invasion can now be envisioned. The United States has weighed the options, and decided not to militarily interfere with Iranian nuclear development. The US is putting pressure on Israel to also practice non-military interference. Diplomatic, financial, and international pressure are the only options. A course of action that has already been proved does not work. The statements by the Joint Chiefs of Staff virtually guarantees Iran will have the bomb before the year is out.

Friend, things are coming together very fast for the end of this present dispensation. I would suggest you examine your heart.

2 Corinthians 13:5

5 Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves. Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates?




Sunday - July 6, 2008

Obama says Iraq trip could refine his policy

FARGO, N.D. (Map, News) - Democrat Barack Obama struggled Thursday to explain how his upcoming trip to Iraq might refine, but not basically alter, his promise to quickly remove U.S. combat troops from the war.

A dustup over war policy - one of the main issues separating the Illinois senator from his Republican opponent, John McCain - overshadowed Obama's town-hall meeting here with veterans to talk about patriotism and his plans to care for them. Republicans pounced on the chance to characterize Obama as altering one of the core policies that drove his candidacy "for the sake of political expedience." He denied equally forcefully that he was shifting positions.

Arriving in Fargo, Obama hastily called a news conference to discuss news of a sixth straight month of nationwide job losses, but the questioning turned to Iraq policy and his impending trip there.

"I am going to do a thorough assessment when I'm there," he said. "I'm sure I'll have more information and continue to refine my policy."

He left the impression that his talks with military commanders there could refine his promise to remove U.S. combat troops within 16 months of taking office.

Less than four hours later, after the town hall meeting, Obama appeared before reporters for another statement and round of questions to "try this again."

"Apparently I was not clear enough this morning," he said. He blamed any confusion on the McCain campaign, which he said had "primed the pump with the press" to suggest "we were changing our policy when we haven't."

"I have said throughout this campaign that this war was ill-conceived, that it was a strategic blunder and that it needs to come to an end," he said. "I have also said I would be deliberate and careful about how we get out. That position has not changed. I am not searching for maneuvering room with respect to that position."

He promised to summon the Joint Chiefs of Staff on his first day in office "and I will give them a new mission and that is to end this war, responsibly and deliberately, but decisively."

He said that when he talked earlier about refining his policy after talking with commanders in Iraq, he was referring not to his 16-month timeline, but to how many troops may need to remain in Iraq to train the local army and police and what troop presence might be needed "`to be sure al-Qaida doesn't re-establish a foothold there."

"I will bring our troops out at a pace of one two brigades a month" which would mean the United States would be totally out of Iraq in 16 months. "That is what I intend to do as president of the United States."

But later in the session, he said it is possible the 16-month timeline could slip if the pace of withdrawal needs to be slowed some months to ensure troop safety. "I have always said ... I would always reserve the right to do what's best," Obama said. ...

Apparently Obama thinks that the Joint Chiefs of Staff are a group of un-American traitors who do not intend ending the war in Iraq responsibly and deliberately, but decisively so he must straighten them out. Maybe he thinks George Bush never thought to utter such words to them, and so they intend to just linger in Iraq forever. Whatever it is, Obama seems to think once he becomes President all he need do is utter the word, and divinity will accompany his utterances. I hope he will have some divine utterances aimed at the Islamic barbarians intent on dragging the whole world into another holocaust during this next presidential cycle. I haven't heard a whisper of pending utterances aimed at Islam. They all seemed to be aimed at our own military. I suspect Obama may be a little naive at what power will come his way with the Presidency.

I am not optimistic that either Presidential candidate will come into office on the Biblical side. I have seen nothing to indicate a repudiation of the blasphemous Road Map that would give the Islamic barbarians most of the Holy Land. Nothing could be more critical in these last days of dispensational change then the disposition of the Holy Land, Jerusalem, and the Temple Mount. Whoever our next President will be he will no doubt have to deal with God as He forces His Holy Will on this evil generation. I expect Obama politics will throw more stumbling blocks in the way of the LORD Jesus Christ's return then McCain's, but both will be equally guilty in their support of the Road Map as the means of stopping Biblical prophecy from coming to pass. I believe both politicians agree the return of the LORD Jesus Christ is a good thing just not right now! Neither is willing to relinquish their moment in the sun to be overshadowed by Christ's return. The greatest enemy to the Bible in the world during this next Presidential cycle is the Islamic barbarians. They would slit His throat at the first opportunity were that possible. The Islamic barbarians are on record that they choose death over submission to Jewish authority. The returning King of the Jews will be no exception.

Folks, there is no political solution to what sin has produced in the Holy Land. The politicians of this evil generation are powerless to correct the direction this entire planet is heading. Armageddon is the Biblical solution to a planet predicted to reject Jewish rule by the only perfect Jewish soon coming King. It is not just Islam that faces judgment in these last days of gentile rule. Friend, I pray you are ready for what God has already started in the Holy Land. Perfect peace is coming to the Holy Land. Irresistible righteousness is about to descend on the planet. It is coming with great power and glory. None will be able to resist. Only the elect will survive the coming judgment that will establish the coming Kingdom. There is only one way to be counted among the elect, and that is by being miraculously "born again." Friend, you must come to Christ for the forgiveness of your sin. He came the first time to be the perfect sacrifice for sin. He shed His sin cleansing blood at Calvary taking on himself the punishment due you. He took your place dear friend so salvation could be freely offered. It is your responsibility to take what is offered you by grace. God well knew the masses would reject Christ so He provided a remnant, a chosen few, an elect to certain the glory of the cross would not be in vain when offered to a totally depraved planet. Friend, I don't understand it all, but I do understand you must come to Christ to be saved. It is only then that you can be counted among the elect. Won't you come, and let Christ do His wondrous miracle in your heart. Come to Christ, and live.


Mark 13:26-27

26 And then shall they see the Son of man coming in the clouds with great power and glory.

27 And then shall he send his angels, and shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from the uttermost part of the earth to the uttermost part of heaven.





Monday - July 7, 2008

Sderot's Newest Playground to Feature a Bomb Shelter Tunnel

by Hana Levi Julian

(IsraelNN.com) The children of Sderot will soon be able to run for cover from rocket attacks, even on the playground.  The new bomb shelter will look playful, however.

The city is in the final stages of building a playground that includes a tunnel for a quick escape from Kassam rocket barrages, reports the Sderot Media Center (SMC).

According to construction manager Boaz Etzion, “The idea of the park is that when there is a Color Red [incoming rocket] alarm, the children can run quickly to safety in the tunnels.”

Can't see the video player?  Click here.

The park, which is funded by private donations, is scheduled to be open next month and will include lights and a fountain.

The escape tunnel, at a cost of 150,000 shekels ($46,000) is being built in the shape of a centipede to make it appear to be part of the playground and not like a bomb shelter.

According to the most recent Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) report, there are 3,578 students in the western Negev city of Sderot.  Between 70 and 94 percent of the city’s children show signs of suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a result of the constant rocket fire, according to SMC. 

More than 4,000 rockets have been fired from Gaza at Israel since the Disengagement of August 2005, in which every Jewish town in the Gush Katif region was destroyed and all Jewish residents were expelled from their homes by the government.



Imagine any other culture  that would try to put a happy face on the barbaric attacks the Independent Fundamental Jewish Settlers of Sderot are facing. Who would see the solution to continual rocket attacks aimed at your own children as building bomb shelters in their playgrounds? All the others would be camped out at the UN demanding the international community get involved in stopping the barbarians by ending the culture that produces such horrific barbarianism. The Jews of Sderot have no choice. They already know the UN does nothing when the Jews are under attack. The Independent Fundamental Jewish Settlers face even greater obstacles in that the entire world has no compassion for their plight. Even their own liberal dominated government does nothing because of the settlers' conservative orientation. This entire evil generation views the Independent Fundamental Jewish Settlers as a thorn in the side to peace in the Holy Land. These settlers are the only Jews obeying the Biblical command to occupy the Promised Land. There are by some estimates over 300,000 of them who moved into Judah and Samaria after the 1967 war. Some of these settlers are far from settlers. They lived in isolated Jewish communities of Judah and Samaria for a 1000 plus years before the Jordanians forcibly expelled them after World War I. Many returned to their old homesteads after 1967. Now all the Independent Fundamental Jewish Settlers are blamed for preventing peace. They stand in the way of giving all the land God blessed Israel with after 1967 to the Palestinian Authority. The overall world opinion is that they should be forcibly removed from their homes throughout all of Judah and Samaria. The world knows politically only Jews can remove Jews from the Holy Land, and the present Olmert liberal secular Israeli government is ready to please the gentiles.

These Independent Fundamental Jewish Settlers are both hated, and feared by the Islamic barbarians. When the barbarians were at their worst these Jews fearlessly moved in right next to them. The fierce faces of the barbarian that causes the world to shutter these Jews showed that the hated enemy can stand nose to nose with them while never submitting to their brutality. The Settlers typically took the high ground whenever living close to the Arab communities preventing the Arabs from building up arms catches. There are no rockets being fired anywhere within Arab controlled Judah and Samaria as a result. Yet, the world hates these Jews. They are continually vilified without cause. If they are guilty of anything it is that they are obeying God.

How sad that they must build bomb shelters for their children while their government, and the world does nothing in dealing with the Islamic barbarians who fired over 4,000 rockets at their children since 2005. It is not that either the Israeli government, or the world politicians can't do anything. The truth is they won't do anything. This evil generation does not want a Jewish Kingdom established in the Holy Land, at Jerusalem, and on the Temple Mount as the Bible says will happen. God's plan is to have a perfect Jewish King rule the entire world in perfect righteousness from the Holy Land, Jerusalem, and the Temple Mount. Friend, I pray this is the desire of your heart. I pray your desire is to have a puritanical Christ outlaw all sin. It just will not be permitted. Every source of sin will be outlawed during His coming reign. His rod of iron will give Him all the power He needs to enforce His perfect righteous standards on everyone. The world is predicted to say no to this Christ! Armageddon will be the answer coming from the God of the Bible. Total submission to sinless perfection will be the rule for 1000 years. All who refuse will be judged! It is mostly the Jews who are predicted to say yes when their Messiah/King descends to sit on His throne in the last Jewish Temple to be built on the Temple Mount. Friend, I pray you can see the necessity to have your heart changed. I pray you see that only a born again experience can produce such righteous desires to live under the rule of the LORD Jesus Christ. This evil generation hates the righteous Christ of the Bible. They hate this Christ as the Islamic barbarians hate the Jews. Friend, God is not going to change. You are the one who must come to Him to have your heart cleansed. Christ died at Calvary to be the only perfect acceptable sacrifice for sin. He did it for you and for me because there was no other way for us to be saved. Friend, come to this Christ of the Bible seeking forgiveness, and let Him change your heart.



Psalms 130:4-8

4 But there is forgiveness with thee, that thou mayest be feared.

5 I wait for the Lord , my soul doth wait, and in his word do I hope.

6 My soul waiteth for the Lord more than they that watch for the morning: I say, more than they that watch for the morning.

7 Let Israel hope in the Lord : for with the Lord there is mercy, and with him is plenteous redemption.

8 And he shall redeem Israel from all his iniquities.





Tuesday - July 8, 2008

Ahmadinejad: Israel, America Afraid to Attack Iran


(IsraelNN.com) Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad challenged Israel and the United States, in a statement Monday that neither country was bold enough to attack Iran.

The statement, reported on Israel Army Radio, followed news that the rogue Islamic state has resumed work on its atomic bomb project.

Iran Resumes Atom Bomb Project


(IsraelNN.com) Iran has resumed work on its nuclear weapons project, according to a Monday report from the British newspaper The Telegraph.

Intelligence reports indicate that the Islamic Republic has resumed development of advanced equipment which, according to nuclear experts, is mainly used for developing atomic weapons.The report adds that the renewed operations were being hidden from international nuclear inspectors.




This is the ultimate thumbing of the nose by Iran. They never stopped their nuclear program, and have absolutely no  intention to ever stop until they have all their Islamic intercontinental missiles tipped with atomic bombs. Despite all the negotiations, threats, and international pressures Iran has been single minded in its pursuit of the bomb. Iran is also smart. I'm sure the word will quickly go out that they are ready to negotiate one more time. Don't believe it! The Iranian nuclear program has been going full steam ahead from the moment it was instituted, and will will not stop unless Israel and the US intervene. The attitude of the world makes such an intervention political suicide. Folks, these events are no surprise to God. He inspired Ezekiel almost 2,500 years ago to write about this impending Islamic invasion in chapters 38 & 39. Islam needs the Islamic bomb countering measure to the Jewish nuclear deterrents before it can contemplate invasion. I'm going to tell you true that I doubt Israel would ever fire a nuclear weapon in anger even in self-defense. The holocaust has so impregnated the Jewish mind-set that mass destruction by the Jews is not possible. I tell you true the Islamic invasion could proceed even without the Islamic bomb, and I think Islam is realizing the truth of what I am saying.

The Islamic invasion of Israel is a forgone conclusion as far as the Bible is concerned. It is God's plan to destroy the invaders, and render the Islamic barbarians impotent throughout the Holy Land. The plan of God is to sweep aside this Islamic threat to the return of the LORD Jesus Christ. The destruction of Islam in Ezekiel 39 opens the door for the Jews to build Ezekiel's Temple on the Temple Mount. It happens after the rapture, and end of the Church Age. It happens as the opening act to the Great Tribulation where the Temple has to be built for scripture says the antichrist sits on the throne put in Ezekiel's Temple that is intended for Christ at the halfway point of the Great Tribulation. The end of the Church Age means a new foundation must be laid for the next Kingdom Age dispensation. That foundation will be Jewish. Yes, dear friends, many Jews will convert to Christ as their personal Messiah after the rapture. They are the ones elect from the beginning who will build the last Holy Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount for their soon returning King. They will be opposed by their own secular government, and the entire gentile world, but they will not be stoped. Supernatural power as exhibited at the destruction of Islam will accompany them as they fulfill the mandate God will give them. "Build My House!"

Haggai 1:7-8

7 Thus saith the Lord of hosts; Consider your ways.

8 Go up to the mountain, and bring wood, and build the house; and I will take pleasure in it, and I will be glorified, saith the Lord .


Ezekiel 38:22

22 And I will plead against him with pestilence and with blood; and I will rain upon him, and upon his bands, and upon the many people that are with him, an overflowing rain, and great hailstones, fire, and brimstone.


Ezekiel 39:6

6 And I will send a fire on Magog, and among them that dwell carelessly in the isles: and they shall know that I am the Lord .


Revelation 11:5-7

5 And if any man will hurt them, fire proceedeth out of their mouth, and devoureth their enemies: and if any man will hurt them, he must in this manner be killed.

6 These have power to shut heaven, that it rain not in the days of their prophecy: and have power over waters to turn them to blood, and to smite the earth with all plagues, as often as they will.

7 And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them.



Yes, it most probably will be the Two Witnesses of Revelation 11 accompanied by the 144,000 Jews of Revelation who will accomplish as their testimony to Christ the building, and most importantly establishment of Holy Worship in Ezekiel's Temple. This will be the new foundation for the coming Kingdom Age. A Temple with an Altar where blood sacrifice will be offered forever in remembrance of Calvary. Friend it is all about the blood! It is all about Christ and Calvary! It is all about the perfect atonement for sin that was accomplished by our LORD Jesus Christ. He is coming again in great power and glory. Are you ready? Are you 'born again?" Have you been washed in the sin cleansing blood of Christ? Dear friend, you must come to this Christ of the Bible in order to be saved. There is no other place to go. Her is coming again to the Holy Land, Jerusalem, and the Temple Mount to establish the Kingdom he bought with His own precious blood. Only those who have repented of their sin can be saved. The future is in Christ. All others will face His wrath. Come to Christ, dear friend, and live.


Ezekiel 43:13-16

13 And these are the measures of the altar after the cubits: The cubit is a cubit and an hand breadth; even the bottom shall be a cubit, and the breadth a cubit, and the border thereof by the edge thereof round about shall be a span: and this shall be the higher place of the altar.

14 And from the bottom upon the ground even to the lower settle shall be two cubits, and the breadth one cubit; and from the lesser settle even to the greater settle shall be four cubits, and the breadth one cubit.

15 So the altar shall be four cubits; and from the altar and upward shall be four horns.

16 And the altar shall be twelve cubits long, twelve broad, square in the four squares thereof.


Ezekiel 43:18

18 And he said unto me, Son of man, thus saith the Lord God ; These are the ordinances of the altar in the day when they shall make it, to offer burnt offerings thereon, and to sprinkle blood thereon.





Wednesday - July 9, 2008

Israeli Arab Terrorists Threaten 'Unprecedented Attacks'

by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz

(IsraelNN.com) An Israeli Arab terrorist group calling itself the "Galilee Liberation Brigades" (GLB) claimed responsibility for the deadly bulldozer attack in Jerusalem last week. In an interview with a London-based Arabic daily this weekend, a purported leader of the group claimed that GLB committed several other terrorist murders, he threatened more attacks to come and added that they are holding a female IDF soldier hostage

In an interview conducted by way of third-party email, a journalist for the London-based Arabic daily Al-Quds Al-Arabi posed a series of questions to someone claiming to be the commander of the GLB. In his replies, the unidentified terrorist claimed responsibility for the kidnapping and murders of IDF soldier Oleg Shaichat in July 2003 and of Michael Ronkin in August 2007, as well as for the shooting attack that killed eight students in the MerKaz Harav Yeshiva in March of this year. Also in 2007, the group claimed that a man who was shot dead while carrying out an attack in Jerusalem's Old City was the perpetrator of the Ronkin murder as well.

In the interview, appearing in the Al-Quds Al-Arabi weekend edition, the GLB spokesperson hinted that they are holding Dana Bennet, 17, who was reported missing in August 2003. The group made a similar announcement in 2005. Asked why Israel has thus far refused to acknowledge the GLB's claims that they are holding a hostage, the spokesperson said, "Because it is causing considerable embarrassment to them."

The GLB's ransom demands, according to the Al-Quds Al-Arabi interview, include the release of six Israeli Arabs imprisoned on terrorist-related offenses. Afterwards, the GLB leader said, they would release a video tape "showing a female soldier talking to the people and Government of Zionism." Following that, they would negotiate the release of a larger number of imprisoned Arabs in exchange for the release of the Israeli Jew.

The Objective: 'To Sow Terror'
The objective of GLB, according to the spokesperson, is "to sow terror in the hearts of Zionists" and to "pursue the enemy wherever he is to be found." Claiming the group was founded in 2002, the terrorist said it had established links with the Lebanese Hizbullah, but no coordination with terrorist factions in the Palestinian Authority.

In light of these links, the interviewer asked if GLB is planning to avenge the killing of Hizbullah leader Imad Mughniyah, which the Lebanese terror organization blamed on Israel. The GLB spokesperson replied that coming attacks will be "unlike anything the Zionists have ever seen before." They will strike the heart of the Zionist enemy and "will surprise not just the Zionists, but the whole region."

GLB operatives, the spokesperson wrote, are deployed "throughout Palestine" and "recruited from all its regions." The Arabs living in the State of Israel since 1948, the GLB spokesperson said, should reject all political solutions to obtain their rights, should not serve in the Knesset and should struggle for the "liberation of Palestine."





These are the Arabs of Judah and Samaria. They have chosen Iran, and Hizbullah to be their mentors. They reject Abbas and his puppet Palestinian Authority Government being promoted by Bush and Olmert. They will follow the Arabs of Gaza leaving the foolish politicians install the Palestinian Authority Government over Judah and Samaria, and then will overthrow it with a government that will not negotiate much as Hamas did in the Gaza. They will only be dedicated to murdering Jews. Their intent just like Hamas will be to forever torture the Jewish civilian population until the day when the Jews can be annihilated. Folks, this is the Road Map! This is the plan which both Obama, and McCain  support. Where is the political pressure from the Evangelical Christian Community? The most important issue facing this generation that is experiencing the return of Christ is left without comment. What an evil generation this is. No wonder the evaluation coming from God is absolute disgust.

Revelation 3:16

16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.


We hear the barbarian Arabs of Judah and Samaria say they will sow terror in the hearts of the Zionists, and yet say nothing against the Road Map during the political gatherings. The failed Road Map continues to be the only peace plan to be considered as the solution for peace in the Holy Land. It is the GLB who are saying the coming attacks on the Jewish civilian population will be unlike anything the Zionists have ever faced before, yet it is the GLB that our American Evangelicals will put into power allowing them to vote who the next King of Judah will be. It is the most blasphemous action that could be taken by the generation that acknowledges Christ is coming soon. It is the Evangelicals of which Bush, Obama, and McCain make claim of support who are putting the worst culture of our generation in control of the very place where the Bible says Christ is going to come. It does not have to be this way, but with the Evangelicals putting no pressure on the candidates over the Road Map the GLB will elect an Arab barbarian to be the next King of Judah. What a slap in the face to the God of the Bible. What an evil generation this has become.

Folks it is just not going to happen. I'm convinced God is going to intervene before the GLB can install one of their own as the next King of Judah. The time is short. Dear friend, are you saved? Only the LORD Jesus Christ has the power to wash away your sin, and make you fit for eternity. Sin has an ending in the Bible, and it will never be allowed to ruin the future God has for His own. Sinless perfection is what the future with Christ is all about. I can only pray you understand the importance of the day in which we live. Dispensational change is happening in Israel right before our eyes. The Kingdom Age approaches. Friend, come to Christ, and live.


Genesis 49:10

10 The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be.





Thursday - July 10, 2008

Iran Test-Fires Missile It Claims Can Reach Israel

by Ze'ev Ben-Yechiel

(IsraelNN.com) Iran claims that one of the missiles it test-fired this week can reach Israel, according to reports on Iranian state media. The missile was one of nine medium- and long-range rockets that were fired in the latest test of the Islamic Republic’s arsenal of advanced weaponry.

The tests of the new Shihab-3 missiles came at a time of heightened tensions between Iran and Israel. While Iran develops its disputed nuclear program and regularly threatens Israel with annihilation, Israel is said to be weighing the option of a pre-emptive strike on Iran similar to the one made on Iraq’s Osirak reactor in 1981.

Iran has repeatedly denied the charge that it is developing nuclear weapons, claiming that its nuclear program is only for power generation. However, a top Iranian official recently threatened the use of nuclear weapons in retaliation to any attack on Iran.
Iran’s state television network reported that the missiles test, conducted by Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards, included a "new" Shihab-3 missile, which Iranian officials earlier claimed could reach targets 1,250 miles away, including Israel as well as American bases in the area.
An aide to the Ayatollah, Iran's Supreme Leader, said on Tuesday that if Iran was attacked, the Islamic Republic would first hit Tel Aviv, as well as US shipping in the Persian Gulf and US interests around the world.
The comments by the Iranian official escalated tensions by raising fears of military confrontation.  The war of words is also blamed for the record high oil prices of the last few weeks.
At a summit of the Group of Eight (G8) countries in Japan, G8 leaders voiced serious concern at the threats posed by Iran's nuclear program. In a statement following the meeting, the group called on Iran to suspend its program, including all activities related to the enrichment of uranium.
Last month the European Union offered Tehran an incentives package, which they hoped would encourage Iran to voluntarily abandon its nuclear ambitions. French President Nicolas Sarkozy said the G8 countries will be sending European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana to Iran for further talks on the package, but did not specify a date.

Iran officially acknowledged the offer on Friday, but Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad rejected the stated condition, namely that Iran suspend uranium enrichment.  Ahmadinejad termed the condition on Monday “illegitimate.”
Despite the Iranian president’s refusal to suspend uranium enrichment, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice voiced hope for talks between Iran and the international community that would lead to a suspension of enrichment activity.



I hope this article helps re-enforce what I have been saying all along that Iran has never stopped, or even slowed down its nuclear program since it began. The nuking of Tel Aviv is boldly proclaimed as the very first target. There is no hidden addenda. The statements are clear. The Iranian Islamic barbarians do not contemplate retaliation. Ahmadinejad is ready to sacrifice the entire country of Iran in his obsession to wipe out Tel Aviv. The Iranian people are nothing more then fodder to him as long as he can rise to the heights of Islamic glory. There is a mad man, a religious fanatic, who has his thumb on the nuclear button. His hero Adolph Hitler dragged the world into WW II, and Ahmadinejad envisions himself as the Islamic instrument bringing about WW III. Folks, understand Allah is the god of the barbarians. Death and destruction is the only thing he is interested in producing. This is the god of the Arabs whom Mohammed introduced to the world through the Koran. Allah does not want to save the world. He wants to destroy it. Satan is not interested in followers. He stabs them all in the back once finished with them.  Satan wants to destroy God's creation. This is how he wins.

Islam has nurtured this present generation of barbarians on hate for the Jews, and all who would support the Jews. They are prepared to sacrifice themselves for Allah. They are ready for WW III. The destruction of the Nazis ending WW II is of no consequence. Islam glories in their god of death who rewards faithfulness with a sexually perverted barbarian Paradise. Satan has Islam in the palm of his hand, and is not going to let this opportunity with this generation for death and destruction to pass by.

Dear friend, I can only pray you are prepared for what is happening to planet earth. Biblical scholars call it dispensational change. Two eras are ending, and another is about to emerge. The now almost 2,000 year old Biblical Church Age is ending. It began at Pentecost, and will end with the rapture. Jesus is going to call His own out of this evil generation. The LORD Jesus Christ is about to remove His own from this apostate system that dominates main stream Christianity. Seven years of Great Tribulation will follow during which the gentile nations will refuse to give up power to the Jews who will begin laying a new foundation for the next dispensation - the Kingdom Age. Armageddon ends the Great Tribulation, and also ends the second era of which I spoke - the times of the gentiles. What emerges is the Biblical Jewish Kingdom era with the LORD Jesus Christ ruling as KING of Kings, and LORD of Lords. Only the saved will enter into this wondrous coming Kingdom. The rest will have suffered judgment because they will have rejected Christ, and the righteousness for which He stands. Friend, you must come to Christ. You must submit to His authority and righteousness. He is the only Savior who has the power to change the heart. He provided the only perfect acceptable sacrifice for sin. Friend, if you will only come to Him He will save you for all eternity, but you must come. There is no other way.



Psalms 101:1-6

101 I will sing of mercy and judgment: unto thee, O Lord , will I sing.

2 I will behave myself wisely in a perfect way. O when wilt thou come unto me? I will walk within my house with a perfect heart.

3 I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes: I hate the work of them that turn aside; it shall not cleave to me.

4 A froward heart shall depart from me: I will not know a wicked person.

5 Whoso privily slandereth his neighbour, him will I cut off: him that hath an high look and a proud heart will not I suffer.

6 Mine eyes shall be upon the faithful of the land, that they may dwell with me: he that walketh in a perfect way, he shall serve me.





Friday - July 11, 2008

Hamas Preparing to Pounce

by Hillel Fendel and Ze'ev Ben-Yechiell

(IsraelNN.com) IDF sources have warned Western Negev municipal leaders that Hamas is preparing to renew its rocket attacks - and that it has the wherewithal to do so with fury.

The current ceasefire has held, more or less, for three weeks, but it is not expected to last for a long time.  Hamas and other Gaza terrorists have fired an average of two shells or rockets at Israel every three days. 

Hamas overthrew Fatah control of Gaza in June of last year, and was able to amass at least 230 tons of explosives, 30,000 rifles, over six million rounds of ammunition, and scores of anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles by the time they had been in power just six months.  Many military experts have warned that Hamas is using the ceasefire period to amass a tremendous arsenal of weapons and explosives, for use against Israel when the time is ripe.

In the meantime, Hamas continues to "drip-drop" mortar shells and rockets at Israel, with the goal of getting Israel used to a situation in which Hamas is "allowed" to respond to perceived Israeli violations of the ceasefire.

Analyst Yehonatan D. HaLevi says that Hamas uses "subcontractors" - small terrorist groups seemingly unlinked to Hamas - to fire many of the rockets is designed, so as to distance the ruling terror organization from official responsibility.  Members of the Hamas leadership are afraid of an Israeli response at them personally, and some of them have gone into hiding for various durations of time.

This morning (Thursday), the ceasefire's first fatality was registered, when IDF soldiers shot and killed a Gaza Arab as he attempted to cross the security barrier near the Kissufim crossing. Though he was not armed, he ignored repeated warnings to stop, and was finally shot in accordance with IDF guidelines.

"The area has seen numerous attempts to infiltrate Israel and plant explosives [along the fence]," an IDF spokesman said afterwards. "When Palestinians attempt to cross into Israel, they are considered terror suspects." The army has published warnings to Gaza Arabs that whoever approaches within 1,000 feet of the security fence does so at the risk of his life.

Meanwhile, the Israeli government has backtracked on its promise to provide rocket-protection to all western Negev communities within range of Hamas rockets.  Some fortifications for communities within 4.5 kilometers of Gaza are being worked on, but the government has put the rest of the project on hold due to what has been called "budgetary constraints."

Chaim Yellin, head of the Eshkol District Municipal Council, told Arutz-7's Hebrew newsmagazine that he was told by the Prime Minister's Bureau that the project will be considered again in 2009 for possible implementation in 2010.  "The problem with this work plan is that the work plan of Hamas is not waiting for 2010 or even for 2009," Yellin said.



I.m sure the experts are right. Hamas has been stockpiling rockets, and rocket materials to the excess. I'm sure the rocket barrages will be greater then ever before. They also can see the handwriting on the wall. The incompetent Olmert government is getting ready to fall. A more conservative hard liner government will in all likelihood replace it. Hamas must realize incursions into Gaza by Israel will be more frequent, and I'm sure they have prepared just for that. Hizbullah was able to handle the Israeli incursion into Lebanon, and actually increased the rocket fire with even bigger rockets. Hizbullah also managed to blow up a couple of the Mirkva Tanks which caused no end of political dialog, and caused Olmert to pull back all the tanks leaving the infantry unprotected. I suspect Hamas is planning to follow the Hizbullah battle plan luring the IDF into traps all through the Gaza. Israel needs a new battle plan to counter what Hamas has ready for them. I pray with new conservative leadership God will again lift His hand of protection over the Jews. However, conservative or liberal it will never be the politicians who will bring peace to the Holy Land. Peace will only come with the LORD Jesus Christ.

Friend, I pray you have found peace with this Holy God of the Bible. His standards are absolute perfection. Sin has no place in His planed future for all of mankind. Many foolishly think sin will have no bounds in hell, but that is a lie. The sinner will spend eternity in the lake of fire in physical torment with the added condition that he will be forbidden to ever sin again. The God of the Bible has the power to enforce His perfect standards of which none can resist. Puritanical righteousness is all that will be allowed in heaven, and eventually here on earth also. Peace with this God of the Bible means the sinful heart must be changed. The old sinful desires must be completely washed away before the lost sinner can have peace with a Holy God. Sinless perfection is what is promised by Christ to all who will come to Him for salvation. It happens at death for those who are born again, or at the rapture - whichever comes first. When the lost sinner comes to Christ a new nature is implanted, however the old nature remains bringing about the struggle for sanctification. It is a struggle only the born again are engaged. Reward, or lack there of comes only through Christ as the saved learn to submit to His perfect righteous authority. The lost without Christ are lost forever, and all they accomplish in life is counted as worthless. The promise of full sanctification comes only to the saved. It is the only way we can be made fit for heaven. Friend, I pray you will come to this Christ of the Bible fully understanding what it is that He will do in your heart. Only in Christ does the end of sin have meaning. This is the perfect peace that is only revealed in the Bible through the LORD Jesus Christ. Won't you come to Him, and live.

Hamas will not control Judah. It is reserved for the righteous.

Isaiah 26:1-9

26 In that day shall this song be sung in the land of Judah; We have a strong city; salvation will God appoint for walls and bulwarks.

2 Open ye the gates, that the righteous nation which keepeth the truth may enter in.

3 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.

4 Trust ye in the Lord for ever: for in the Lord JEHOVAH is everlasting strength:

5 For he bringeth down them that dwell on high; the lofty city, he layeth it low; he layeth it low, even to the ground; he bringeth it even to the dust.

6 The foot shall tread it down, even the feet of the poor, and the steps of the needy.

7 The way of the just is uprightness: thou, most upright, dost weigh the path of the just.

8 Yea, in the way of thy judgments, O Lord , have we waited for thee; the desire of our soul is to thy name, and to the remembrance of thee.

9 With my soul have I desired thee in the night; yea, with my spirit within me will I seek thee early: for when thy judgments are in the earth, the inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness.






Saturday - July 12, 2008

Two Years Later: Waiting for Dead Bodies While Hizbullah Re-Arms

by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

(IsraelNN.com) This Sabbath marks exactly two years since IDF soldiers Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev were kidnapped by Hizbullah. A Cabinet decision 12 days ago declared the soldiers, whom Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has said are dead, would be returned to Israel within 10 days. Latest reports are that the exchange of terrorists for the bodies will take place next Wednesday.

Relatives of Goldwasser and Regev have said they still are holding on to a faint hope that the soldiers are alive.

Foreign as well as Israeli media have marked the second year since the kidnappings and subsequent 34-day Second Lebanon War with reports on Hizbullah's possessing three times more rockets than it had in 2006, prior to the war. Prime Minister Olmert told the Security Cabinet on Wednesday that Hizbullah has repeatedly violated the August 2006 ceasefire resolution that ended the war.

He previously insisted that the war would continue until Goldwasser and Regev were returned. After the ceasefire, he claimed that war achieved a new period of quiet for the north.

Deal with Hizbullah Violated Government's Policy
The government-approved deal two weeks ago that calls for freeing Arab terrorists, including convicted murderer Samir Kuntar, for kidnapped soldiers Goldwasser and Regev, completed a total reversal of previously stated policies.

Following the kidnapping of IDF soldier Gilad Shalit in late June, three weeks before the Hizbullah attack and kidnappings, Prime Minister Olmert stated, "This is not a matter of negotiations; this is not a matter of bargaining. Release of prisoners is absolutely not on the agenda of the Israeli government."

Prime Minister Olmert told the Knesset on July 17, 2006, "We will insist on compliance with the terms stipulated long ago by the international community: The return of the hostages…; A complete cease fire; Deployment of the Lebanese army in all of Southern Lebanon; Expulsion of Hizbullah from the area...  Israel will not agree to live in the shadow of missiles or rockets aimed at its residents."
Defending the ceasefire, he told the Knesset on August 14, 2006, "I believe that the realization of the U.N. Resolution creates good conditions for their [kidnapped IDF soldiers] return.

Olmert: War Subdued Hizbullah
Reports of Hizbullah re-arming have streamed through foreign media since the ceasefire, culminating with this week's report that Hizbullah is fully prepared to attack Israel with more numerous and powerful weapons.

However, Prime Minister Olmert has claimed that the war weakened Hizbullah.

In his Knesset speech in August, 2006, he stated, "In every battle, in every encounter with Hizbullah terrorists, the fighters of the IDF had the upper hand – of this there is no doubt."  He told the Knesset two months later, "Militarily we have dealt Hizbullah a serious blow and succeeded in disrupting the intricate system built by this organization through the long arms of Iran and Syria…. From our standpoint, and that of the entire world, Hizbullah ceased to exist as 'a state within a state' in Lebanon."

More recent statements have maintained that the war was successful because Hizbullah has not attacked northern Israel for two years.



It is a historical fact that the lies that stick are the lies demanded by the masses. Often the majorities of any culture refuse to accept the truth, and so demand a lie be told that they can then willingly believe which replaces the truth.  In Israel the liberal secular majority has been faced with the truth that Hizbullah defeated the IDF in Lebanon. Hizbullah totally destroyed one of the best Israeli war ships with an unexpected shore to ship missile. They destroyed a number of the there-to-fore indestructible Mirkva Tanks causing Olmert to withdraw all tanks from the battle front. The rocket fire only increased after incursion frustrating the IDF that they could not wipe out the threat. This is the first defeat the modern State of Israel has experienced. Allah suddenly appeared more powerful then the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, or the God of the Jews was chastening the Jews for some great sin such as happened at Ai after the fall of Jericho during the First Exodus. Whatever the reason, many of the liberal secular Jews do not want to hear the truth. They demand a lie be told that they can willingly believe. Olmert has given them the lie they demand, and it is sticking among many of the liberal persuasion. The truth is God is chastening the Jews for their willingness to give the barbarians Judah and Samaria. The great sin is that they are willing to give away to the barbarians as a their future capital city most of Jerusalem including the Temple Mount. This is the great sin which has brought about the displeasure of God. The government that brought about this sad state of affairs is about to fall in disgrace, and the people who supported this government are facing Great Tribulation. Only those who seek truth, and make the Lord their trust will be victorious in the end.

Psalms 40:4

4 Blessed is that man that maketh the Lord his trust, and respecteth not the proud, nor such as turn aside to lies.


Psalms 62:3-4

3 How long will ye imagine mischief against a man? ye shall be slain all of you: as a bowing wall shall ye be, and as a tottering fence.

4 They only consult to cast him down from his excellency: they delight in lies: they bless with their mouth, but they curse inwardly. Selah.


This evil generation of both Christians and Jews are limiting God to what He would do in pouring out His blessings. God well knows the failing of the creature, and shows abundant mercy toward every generation. His chastening hand is hard, but it always is for our benefit. Jesus is coming again to the Holy Land, Jerusalem, and the Temple Mount. A chastened people will be waiting for Him when He returns as King of the Jews. The proud and high-minded will pass away being replaced by the meek and humbled. The people will no longer seek the lie to replace the truth. A steadfast people who should have been destroyed in His anger and wrath will instead repent of their sin, and turn to Christ.

Friend, what about you? Have you turned to this same Christ of the Bible? The time is short. The decision is yours. Won't you come to Him, and live.


Psalms 78:35-41

35 And they remembered that God was their rock, and the high God their redeemer.

36 Nevertheless they did flatter him with their mouth, and they lied unto him with their tongues.

37 For their heart was not right with him, neither were they stedfast in his covenant.

38 But he, being full of compassion, forgave their iniquity, and destroyed them not: yea, many a time turned he his anger away, and did not stir up all his wrath.

39 For he remembered that they were but flesh; a wind that passeth away, and cometh not again.

40 How oft did they provoke him in the wilderness, and grieve him in the desert!

41 Yea, they turned back and tempted God, and limited the Holy One of Israel.





Sunday - July 13, 2008

ANALYSIS / Two years on, IDF starting to look like an army that can fight a war

By Amos Harel

The satisfaction on the faces of the senior officers who came to observe the training exercise of the 7th Brigade in the Golan Heights last week was unmistakable. The Israel Defense Forces is once again starting to look like an army that knows how to deal with a conventional war, a challenge that - due to more pressing troubles - it downplayed during the years between the outbreak of the second intifada in 2000 and the Second Lebanon War, whose opening shots were fired two years ago tomorrow.

The brigade-wide exercise in the Golan marked the climax of three months of training. In four days, the tanks of brigade commander Colonel Ro'i Alkabetz covered about 60 kilometers. They simulated a number of new scenarios, some with live fire. The tank crews ate battle rations, crossed a canal in a drill that the IDF had practically forgotten that it ever knew and slept just an hour or two a night, in over-30 degree Celsius heat. Paratroop, engineering and artillery battalions also drilled.

At the same time, the regular Paratroops Brigade in the Golan practiced a "Lebanese scenario": They landed helicopters in difficult mountainous terrain, contended with a simulated artillery barrage and pressed on to their missions. Armored Corps personnel worked on a scenario that included a clash with a conventional army, one that bore more than a little similarity to the Syrian army, notwithstanding the fact that the two countries have been holding indirect peace talks in Turkey in recent months. The two brigades also grappled with a scenario involving the launch of steep-trajectory rockets, a task the army belatedly identified during the Second Lebanon War as a primary objective.
When Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi visited the Armored Corps drill, he asked who among the 7th Brigade's senior officers had had experience with a similar exercise. One of the battalion commanders hesitantly raised his hand. He had taken part in an exercise, in a different brigade and in a secondary role, eight years ago. The last such drill by the 7th Brigade took place in 1999. This is an excellent example of the seriousness of the situation. Only now, with great effort, is the IDF returning to the model of 19 weeks of training on average per year, which is still significantly lower than the half-year of training that was required at the time the second intifada began.

In the last war, the 7th Brigade's tanks were involved in some serious accidents. Some were hit by anti-tank missiles. The brigade took part in the failed siege of Bint Jbail, and the brigade commander at the time, Colonel Amnon Eshel, was seen in the media apparently trying to deceive his division commander. Since the war, the whole senior staff of the 7th Brigade has been replaced at least once. And a majority of the troops who served in it during the war have since been discharged. In Lebanon, says a senior Armored Corps officer, "a situation arose in which the whole chain of command didn't know what the true level of fitness was of all the forces. The philosophy was, 'We'll do our best with what we have.' There had been a prolonged erosion in the army's fitness, and we were all a party to it. When a battalion commander who has never been through a battalion-wide drill goes into a brigade-wide battle in Lebanon, how can anyone with a head on his shoulders expect him to succeed?"

"We're still seeing a lot of rust," said one of the senior officers after the exercise. "The difference is that, a year ago, people weren't even aware of what it was they didn't know. Now they know what they're lacking. But by the end of the exercise, a certain amount of experience is accumulated, capability is built up. It's still a process and it's happening very slowly." The regular units, in his assessment, are gradually returning to their level of fitness from 2000, on the eve of the intifada. ...



One of the worse things the liberal secular Olmert government did before the Lebanon War was to politicize the army. Olmert was fully focused on how to remove the 300,000 Independent Fundamental Jewish Settlers from Judah and Samaria in order to follow through with the Road Map. He knew this could only be done with the help of the army. Expulsion was too large a task for the civilian police force. The problem was the Israeli army like our American army had a large number of conservatives who believe in God throughout the ranks. Conservatives who tended to have sympathy for the settlers despite a well organized attempt to vilify them in the liberal media. There were rumors that the army might refuse to follow orders by Olmert to expel by whatever force necessary the Independent Fundamental Jewish Settlers. First, Olmert forced the very competent conservative officers into early retirements, and replaced them with incompetent liberal officers who had little combat experience. Olmert also vilified the Joint Chiefs of Staff replacing them with his own liberal political cronies. Olmert was in the process of cleaning out all conservatives from the rank and file when the Second Lebanon War broke out. Olmert was caught off guard. He was forming an army to expel the settlers, not fight a war with the Arabs. The failure of command was all political. The majority liberal Jews of Israel know this is true, and are now not as supportive of Olmert as they once were. God has chastened the liberal majority for their apathy in supporting Olmert while he talked about giving away Judah and Samaria including Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.

I'm afraid the IDF will never recover from the Olmert debacle. I have little confidence in their ability to deal with the Arab threat. God is teaching the Jews that the only place where they can put their trust is in Him. Human sources will always fail, but the God of the Bible always will have the final victory. Friend, I hope and pray you have learned this vital lesson. Peace in the Holy Land will never come through the politicians, and salvation will never come through the religions of the world. There is only one Savior, and He is the LORD Jesus Christ. It is only by going to Him that salvation can be found. He is the one who provided the single acceptable perfect sacrifice for sin. Only through His blood is there the power to remove sin. He is the only one who can apply such soul cleansing blood to the lost sinner. Many have tried to claim they have the power throughout the ranks of worldly religions, but all proved themselves unworthy to have such responsibility. The pedophile Priests of the Roman Catholics come to mind. They opened the eyes to many of the gullible that the Roman Catholic Mass is worthless. It is only the source to where any can go where there is no corruption. The Mass is a lie! Only the Biblical LORD Jesus Christ is true. Don't let religious leaders deceive you into believing the lie. Come to Christ, and you will find the truth. You will find the Savior.


John 14:6

6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.


Isaiah 35:8

8 And an highway shall be there, and a way, and it shall be called The way of holiness; the unclean shall not pass over it; but it shall be for those: the wayfaring men, though fools, shall not err therein.


Hebrews 7:25

25 Wherefore he is able also to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by him, seeing he ever liveth to make intercession for them.


1 Peter 1:21-23

21 Who by him do believe in God, that raised him up from the dead, and gave him glory; that your faith and hope might be in God.

22 Seeing ye have purified your souls in obeying the truth through the Spirit unto unfeigned love of the brethren, see that ye love one another with a pure heart fervently:

23 Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth for ever.





Tuesday - July 15, 2008

Growing Threat from Homegrown Israeli Arab Terrorism

by Hana Levi Julian

(IsraelNN.com) It was cleared for publication Sunday morning that four Israeli Arabs were arrested more than a month ago on charges of selling weapons to terrorists.

The suspects, three of whom lived in the village of Kafr Makr, and the fourth a resident of the northern city of Akko, were nabbed in a joint sting operation by officers from the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) and Israel Police Galilee District.

Public Security Minister Avi Dichter noted Friday night, following an attack on two Border Police officers in the Old City of Jerusalem, that there has been a rise in terrorist activity by Israeli Arabs. Dichter said the attacks appear to be "organized."

The two officers were shot during a routine patrol shift by an unknown assailant near the Lion's Gate entrance to the Old City. Although the attack itself was caught on security camera, the attacker's face was hidden in the darkness and thus impossible to identify. He escaped the same way he entered the area, through a nearby cemetery.

One of the officers wounded in the attack remains in critical condition. His patrol partner, who suffered moderate injuries, is still listed in fair condition. Both are hospitalized at Shaarei Tzedek Medical Center in Jerusalem.

Israeli Arab Terrorist Trend Developing?
Two cousins from the Abu Sakut clan in the southern Bedouin city of Rahat were indicted last week on charges of membership in the international Al Qaeda terrorist organization.

Taher and Omar Abu Sakut were caught in late May in a joint operation by Israel Police and the Shin Bet. Both confessed to a list of crimes under interrogation last month, including aiding the enemy in wartime, delivering information to the enemy in order to harm national security, and membership in a terrorist organization.

In Jerusalem, where a quarter of a million of the city's residents are Arabs, there have been two major terror attacks by Jerusalem Arabs within the past four months.

On July 2, an eastern Jerusalem Arab previously unknown to security forces climbed into the bulldozer he drove as a construction worker and proceeded to mow down civilians in the center of Jerusalem.

The terrorist rammed the huge earth-moving shovel into two buses and then slammed into six cars, killing three people and wounding 45 others before an off-duty IDF soldier and a Yassam police officer shot and killed him, ending the murder spree.

A deadly attack by another eastern Jerusalem Arab resident four months earlier  raised red flags over the issue of how safe it is to hire Arab workers – even those who are residents of Jerusalem.

Eight young students at the Merkaz HaRav Kook yeshiva in Jerusalem were gunned down in a bloody attack by an Arab driver the boys knew and trusted and who had often transported them and others to and from school.

A previously unknown Israeli Arab terrorist group calling itself the "Free Galilee Brigades" (FGB) claimed responsibility for both attacks.

In an interview conducted through third-party e-mail, an unidentified terrorist leader from the organization told a journalist for the London-based Arabic daily Al Quds Al Arabi that the group had carried out a number of other attacks as well and threatened more to come.


Israel is beginning to realize the home grown terrorist is the most dangerous. Islam is determined to make this present battle for the Holy Land solely a religious war. It is Islamic Arabs against the Jews and Christians. It is Islam against the world of the infidel. The only thing Islam wants that matters is whether one is Islamic, or not. Islam has already lost any moderates when it comes to the Jews. All of Islam is united in their hate for the Jews. All negotiations with the Jews by Islam is done with the back of the mind intent to some day  wipe them off the map. The home grown terrorist has the potential to do the most damage. They are already inside the country, and have access to targets the outsider could never reach. Turncoats down through history have been categorized as the worst of all characters. Benedict Arnold sticks to the tongue of every American History reader as the worst example of such character. The guy who smiles, and shakes your hand while secretly holding a knife to your back. A phony friend who only seeks self-interest, and will sell you down the river for personal advancement.

The LORD Jesus Christ has many such phony friends. Turncoats who will sell Him down the river whenever push comes to shove. The number of phony Christians in this Laodicean era must be massive. Self-interested professors of Christ who have never posed Him in their heart. Who came with ulterior self motives. Many came for externals such as speaking in tongues gibberish of the Charismatics. They came to feel good. To feel part of the crowd seeking some kind of supposed spiritual ecstasy. They came seeking something more then the simple saving gospel. Simple humble faith in Christ was not enough. They wanted supposed spiritual power. They are the first to fall when tested. They get sick, and are ready to sell their souls to the first phony healer that comes along selling out their professed faith in Christ who put them in the circumstances to prove just how quickly they will leave Him for the phony teachers. They accept no chastening, and much like the rich man who in torment dictates to Abraham how God should send Lazarus to evangelize his brothers rather then submit to God's chosen way of saving souls. So also do these turncoats dictate to God how he should conduct the business of their lives. They say nay to Christ whenever hardship comes as quickly as the rich man said nay to father Abraham. They want the riches that the false teachers tell them comes with Christianity. They do not want the sacrifices so necessary in the lives of those who truly posses Christ as their Savior. When they came; They came nor completely surrendered. They came with ulterior motives of self-interest. To such phony friends Christ will say I never knew you. Friend, you must come to the Christ of the Bible not the christ of the phony religionists. The time is short. Won't you come, and live.

Matthew 7:21-23

21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.

22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?

23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.



Luke 16:22315

22 And it came to pass, that the beggar died, and was carried by the angels into Abraham's bosom: the rich man also died, and was buried;

23 And in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments, and seeth Abraham afar off, and Lazarus in his bosom.

24 And he cried and said, Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus, that he may dip the tip of his finger in water, and cool my tongue; for I am tormented in this flame.

25 But Abraham said, Son, remember that thou in thy lifetime receivedst thy good things, and likewise Lazarus evil things: but now he is comforted, and thou art tormented.

26 And beside all this, between us and you there is a great gulf fixed: so that they which would pass from hence to you cannot; neither can they pass to us, that would come from thence.

27 Then he said, I pray thee therefore, father, that thou wouldest send him to my father's house:

28 For I have five brethren; that he may testify unto them, lest they also come into this place of torment.

29 Abraham saith unto him, They have Moses and the prophets; let them hear them.

30 And he said, Nay, father Abraham: but if one went unto them from the dead, they will repent.

31 And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead.





Wednesday - July 16, 2008

Hizbullah Gears Up For War, Olmert Asks for UN Help

by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz and Pinchas Sanderson

(IsraelNN.com) Arab reports indicate that Hizbullah is preparing to arm its rockets with chemical warheads and to build extensive fortifications. Defense Minister Ehud Barak blames the Syrians, while Prime Minister Ehud Olmert asks the United Nations to do something. 

"[UN Security Council] Resolution 1701 is being violated. Hizbullah continues to get stronger with the ongoing and intimate assistance of the Syrians," according to Defense Minister Barak. Speaking at a meeting of the Labor party's Knesset representatives on Monday, Barak said, "The delicate balance that exists on the northern border should not be violated on the two-year anniversary of the Second Lebanon War. We should make an explicit statement: Resolution 1701 did not work, it is not working, and all indications are that it will not work in the future. It is a failure."

Adding further weight to Defense Minister Barak's declaration is an article in the Kuwaiti daily Al-Siyasa, which reported Monday that Hizbullah has acquired chemicals needed to make weapons such as nerve gas or mustard gas from North Korean suppliers. The Lebanese terrorist organization is allegedly preparing to arm its Katyusha rockets with such chemical warheads. Echoing Barak's claims, the Kuwaiti paper also stated that the assistance of Syria and Iran has been crucial in Hizbullah's efforts to acquire chemical weapons capabilities. The Al-Siyasa report was based on intelligence provided to the Kuwaiti paper by Syrian opposition figures in the United States.

Other Arab sources also indicate Hizbullah is entrenching itself for another attack on Israel. The organization is reportedly stockpiling "truckloads" of building materials, such as steel and concrete, in order to restore and expand the terrorists' network of fortifications in southern Lebanon.

Beirut-based Dalal Steel Industries, a leading manufacturer of steel-reinforced buildings, reported that it has provided Hizbullah with substantial bunker-building and other materials. The company told Arab media that it had been shipping Hizbullah orders southwards towards Israel's border. The underground bunkers used by Hizbullah, usually hidden by natural cover such as trees and foliage, were coined "nature reserves" by the IDF in the 2006 Second Lebanon War, and they proved difficult targets to find and destroy.

Eyewitness accounts allege that Hizbullah members are preventing UNIFIL forces from inspecting the trucks or preventing their movements. Reports by UNIFIL commanders have confirmed that local Hizbullah supporters have effectively prevented the force from efficiently performing its duties under Resolution 1701, which ended the 2006 Lebanon War. Among other tasks, the UNIFIL mandate is to assure a southern Lebanon "free of any armed personnel, assets and weapons other than those of the Government of Lebanon and of UNIFIL deployed in this area."

In light of the failure of UNIFIL and the ratcheting up of Hizbullah forces, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert turned to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon to prevent weapons smuggling to Hizbullah units in southern Lebanon. "UNIFIL must act much more intensively," Olmert said during a meeting with Ki-Moon on Monday at the end of the Mediterranean Union conference in Paris.



The gentile UN never has nor ever will help Israel. Almost all of the thousands of resolutions passed by this political body are anti-Israel. Islamic influence practically runs the UN. It is foolish for Olmert to look to the UN to solve the problems coming from Hizbullah in Lebanon. He as well appeal for fair play to the Iranians as appeal to the UN. This is an act of futility by Olmert. Another marker to be added to the incompetence of his falling government.

Hizbullah is itching for an invasion of Lebanon by Israel. They are set up all along the Lebanon boarder for just such an incursion. They spent billions preparing to humiliate the IDF one more time. Hizbullah has risen to the top of the Islamic popularity chart, and lifted Iran along with them. Hizbullah now boldly is mounting chemical war heads on their rockets. They have no fear about any backlash from the world bodies. They know any excuse they might offer will be readily accepted. After all, they can already target Israeli youth with suicide bombers, and the world accepts such actions as justifiable for freedom fighters. It is but a small next step into using chemical weapons. The world has long since decided that Jewish lives are not on the same plane as gentiles. The Holocaust indicated the value of Jewish life to the world in general. It took all the prestige General Eisenhower (the most admired man in the world at the time) could muster to say this was an atrocity rather then just another unmemorable tragedy of that war. The world would have passed over the Holocaust had not Eisenhower personally visited the camps publicly shaming all who were not shocked. Islam has nurtured this present generation to hate the Jews. They have taught the children that Jews are nothing more then pigs and monkeys. Jewish life is worthless, and should be stamped out much as one would swat a mosquito. Islam has raised a generation of nurtured conscienceless children when it comes to the Jews. Whatever means to wipe out such vermin is acceptable. Nerve gas and insecticide become similar terms used to rid the world of pests. Olmert is badly mistaken if he thinks the UN will show any shock at the Arab freedom fighters use of chemical weapons.

Friend, God has the only perfectly righteous way of determining the truth. He stands alone in His determination not influenced by mankind. His way is truth, and the masses of humanity have no bearing when determining truth. Let all men be liars, but let God be true. Today, God is focused on the Holy Land. He brought about this miraculous Third Exodus during our generation because this is the generation He has chosen to experience dispensational change. The Church Age is closing, and the Kingdom Age is about to begin. This generation is not prepared for what God is doing in the Holy Land. The LORD Jesus Christ is coming again. The Biblical truth is He is going to establish His Jewish Kingdom that will replace the times of the gentiles. The truth is the Church Age ends at the rapture, and the times of the gentiles end just seven years later when Christ returns. Christ is coming this time in judgment, and Armageddon will be the last gasp of gentile rule over planet earth. Friend, I pray you will come to Christ who shed His blood at Calvary to be the perfect sacrifice for sin. He offers you forgiveness from sin by grace. The only requirement is that you come, and receive it from Him. The decision to come is in your hands. Won't you come, and live. Let Christ redeem you from all sin.



Luke 21:24-28

24 And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.

25 And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;

26 Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

27 And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.

28 And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.


1 Peter 4:3-7

3 For the time past of our life may suffice us to have wrought the will of the Gentiles, when we walked in lasciviousness, lusts, excess of wine, revellings, banquetings, and abominable idolatries:

4 Wherein they think it strange that ye run not with them to the same excess of riot, speaking evil of you:

5 Who shall give account to him that is ready to judge the quick and the dead.

6 For, for this cause was the gospel preached also to them that are dead, that they might be judged according to men in the flesh, but live according to God in the spirit.

7 But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.





Thursday - July 17, 2008

Obama to meet with Abbas in Ramallah

PA leadership ‘quite excited’ about visit of US presidential candidate

Palestinian Authority offiicials said on Monday they are “quite excited” that as part of his regional tour next week, US Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama is scheduled to visit Ramallah, where he will meet with Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

"This visit shows that the man is interested in the Middle East," said a PA officials, who added that Abbas will brief him on Palestinian affairs and the status of the peace talks with Israel.

Despite their enthusiasm, he said the PA does not see the visit as an endorsement of Obama over his Republican opponent Sen. John McCain. "The Palestinians don't interfere in the internal affairs of the US," assured the senior PA official, reported The Jerusalem Post.

The hope for PA officials is that the new US president, no matter who it is, will make the Israeli-Arab conflict a top priority. "Without US involvement, the peace process can't move forward," he emphasized. "The next US administration must exert pressure on Israel to halt its policy of settlement construction and remove all restrictions on the Palestinians."

PA officials also showed approval of Obama’s latest comments about the fate of Jerusalem. Obama has been forced to clarify several times now that his statement in support of an undivided Jerusalem as Israel’s capital - made at the annual AIPAC policy conference in May - would still allow for a Palestinian capital there as well.

"You know, the truth is that this was an example where we had some poor phrasing in the speech, and we immediately tried to correct the interpretation that was given," Obama told CNN. "The point we were simply making was, is that we don't want barbed wire running through Jerusalem, similar to the way it was prior to the 1967 war, that it is possible for us to create a Jerusalem that is cohesive and coherent. I was not trying to predetermine what are essentially final-status issues."

The PA officials said they looked upon Obama “corrections" as “very positive,” which “displayed sensitivity and a balanced stance.”


The Palestinian Arabs love Obama. He is a man after their own heart. Talk peace when with the Jews while all the time knowing it is a lie. Say you are for an undivided Jewish Jerusalem capital while really meaning it must be an undivided Jewish Capital completely submitted to the Islamic barbarians. Imagine an undivided United States totally controlled by the communists. It nukes as much sense. I have come to the conclusion that Obama, as did Bill Clinton before him, reinvents what is - is! He can lie right to your face, and show absolutely no remorse always justifying what he said or did by his own ego centered standard. We have all seen these kind of politicians in the past, and they obviously continue on in the present. It is not flip flopping. It is just flat out lying to your face to advance your own cause.

Abbas has already defined all his negotiations with the Jews are based on Jewish absolute surrender to Islamic law. A Jewish State will never be acceptable as long as there is any Jewish religious authority functioning. It must be a Jewish State in name only, but have nothing Jewish in its implementation. The Jewish State must totally submit itself to the Arabs who live among them allowing Islamic law to be the only law that can be enforced. Once people realize the truth behind the words they can understand that peace with Abbas, and Islam is impossible. Trusting what Obama says seems to have a similar tone as that of Abbas. I'm sure they will get along just fine. Two liars facing each other face to face with great smiles on their lips.

Friend, you may think Islam is too demanding in the standards it places on the world, but truth be told the God of the Bible is even more demanding. Islam is a lie, and can't succeed in the light of truth. The God of the Bible on the other hand is truth, and the Bible has withstood the attacks against it over all the generations. The plan of God as revealed in the Bible is to send a Savior who will be the perfect atonement for sin. In due time Christ came fulfilling all Old Testament prophecies. He died at Calvary providing the only acceptable perfect sacrifice ever to be offered for sin. The plan of God always was to offer lost sinners this salvation by grace. A free gift that only needs to be received. However, the God of the Bible is a demanding God, and expects the lost sinner to come completely surrendered. Any ulterior motivation added to the sinners plea is categorized as work, and by that definition rejected out of hand. Only those lost sinners who come with all their heart, soul, and might find the true Christ of the Bible. Any can come to plead their case, but only those completely surrendered will be saved. The phonies who only partly repent are not the sheep of Christ. They will not follow, and their lives prove their insincerity when they first came. Friend, beware! Don't let an inflated ego fool you into thinking you are saved when there is no spiritual evidence of a changed heart. Eternal security rests on the demanding God of the Bible who refuses to accept second best, or partial commitment. It is all, or nothing. Either you completely surrender to Christ as a lost sinner, or you are not one of His. Get it right dear friend! It is only between you and Christ. There are no third parties. Won't you come with all your heart, soul, and might. Won't you come to the Christ of the Bible.


John 10:26-29

26 But ye believe not, because ye are not of my sheep, as I said unto you.

27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:

28 And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.

29 My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father's hand.


2 Timothy 2:19-21

19 Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, The Lord knoweth them that are his. And, Let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity.

20 But in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and of silver, but also of wood and of earth; and some to honour, and some to dishonour.

21 If a man therefore purge himself from these, he shall be a vessel unto honour, sanctified, and meet for the master's use, and prepared unto every good work.





Friday - July 18, 2008

Iran Praises Release of Murderers by Israel

(IsraelNN.com) Iran praised the release by Israel of child murderer Samir Kuntar and four other Hizbullah terrorists on Wednesday, according to the Iranian state-run IRNA news agency.

Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said, “The glad news of the release of Lebanese prisoners by the Zionist regime is part of the achievement by the Islamic Hizbullah and the dear Lebanese people’s resistance.

Prisoner Swap: Israel Mourns, Hizbullah and PA Celebrate

by Ze'ev Ben-Yechiel

(IsraelNN.com) With the prisoner exchange with Hizbullah approaching its tragic climax, dozens of news crews at Rosh HaNikra and throughout the country are broadcasting the reactions of observers to the latest developments. The bitterly contested prisoner exchange is developing into one of Israel's most riveting and painful episodes, while Hizbullah and the PA celebrate victory and renew their threat to kidnap more IDF soldiers.

The conclusion of the prisoner exchange began Tuesday night with the release of child-murderer Samir Kuntar and four of his co-terrorists, and continued through Wednesday morning with the release of the coffins of Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser, all caught on camera for the nation and the world to see.

To the families of the two captured IDF soldiers, the news that their sons are dead is a tragedy, while to others in Israel the prospect of handing over alive-and-well murderers of innocent Jews in exchange for dead bodies is a travesty. For those who support terrorism, the release is being hailed as a victory for Hizbullah and the struggle to destroy Israel, coupled with an admission of defeat from the Jewish state. ...

Former Defense Minister Moshe Arens echoed the anti-swap deal sentiment, deeming the decision to release the terrorists a "complete lack of judgement" and calling the Olmert cabinet's deal a "mistake that is forbidden to make," as it encourages the enemy to kidnap more soldiers.

There has been public as well as official outcry in Israel at the prisoner swap.

Shifra Hoffman, founder of Victims of Arab Terror International (VAT) organization, said her group “strongly condemns the government of Israel for agreeing to release Samir Kuntar, the bestial child killer and other Arab terrorists with ‘blood on their hands.’ This obscene exchange with Hizbullah, has, in effect, murdered the Jewish victims twice, and has opened the door for future terrorist attacks by Arab killers, who see that they have nothing to fear in perpetrating these horrendous acts on innocent Israeli men, woman and children.”  .......

Hizbullah boasted about the prisoner swap in a report from the AP. The terrorist group who kidnapped and killed several IDF soldiers announced Tuesday that Israel's approval of the swap deal is an official admission of defeat by the Jewish state.

PA President Mahmoud Abbas congratulated the family of Samir Kuntar and sent his condolences to the Lebanese families receiving their loved ones' bodies as part of the deal.

In Gaza, Hamas terrorist leader Ismail Haniyeh congratulated Samir Kuntar on his impending release from Israeli prison and his triumphant return to Lebanon. Haniyeh praised "the great victory the resistance has had, which proved the righteousness of our ways," and said his own terrorist organization would likewise remain loyal to its operatives jailed in Israel as well, a hint that Hamas has been emboldened by the release to kidnap more IDF soldiers.

"From the al-Bureij camp, the camp of strong standing, I once against congratulate Lebanon," proclaimed Haniyeh. "We tell them that this operation is the best lesson that can be achieved – a victory over the occupation, liberating lands and liberating prisoners."

The Hamas prime minister said that the deal with Hizbullah, which included the return of the bodies of kidnapped soldiers Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser, gave him hope. "This is a precedent," he said.

Abu Mujahed, a spokesman for the Gaza-based umbrella terror group Popular Resistance Committees, told Ynet Wednesday that the completion of the deal "even after the images of the Israeli soldiers' coffins, proves that kidnapping soldiers will continue to be the most efficient, favored and ideal way to release Palestinian prisoners, particularly those defined by the enemy as having blood on their hands."




Samir Kuntar broke into an Israeli home while fleeing from the IDF. He shot down in cold blood the father right in front of his four year old daughter. He then bashed in the head of the little girl with the butt of his rifle. This is the animal that Olmert just set free. Kuntar has gone from prison in Israel to hero worship in the Arab world. The Islamic Arab barbarians are dancing in the streets at the release of their awesome warrior. They are crying out the praises of Allah.

Olmert continues to demonstrate his incompetence. I suspect he will be out of office within the next six months. He will be remembered by history as the worst Prime Minister Israel ever had to date. The Bible says this is not the end of terrible secular Prime Ministers. The Jews are on record as not being very wise when it comes to politics. The days of Antiochus Epiphanies well exemplify the present attitude of the liberal secular Jews of today.

11 In those days went there out of Israel wicked men, who persuaded many, saying, Let us go and make a covenant with the heathen that are round about us: for since we departed from them we have had much sorrow. 12 So this device pleased them well.

The Apocrypha : King James Version. 1995 (1 Mac 1:11-12). Bellingham WA: Logos Research Systems, Inc.

The Jews so want to please the gentile Americans that they will do anything to keep the covenant with America strong. Our Evangelical Bush administration wants the Road Map implemented, and Olmert does everything within his power to comply. The secular Jews do not need American blessings. What they need is to turn to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob who brought about this miraculous Third Exodus of our generation. The Jews do not need to repeat another experience with another Antiochus Epiphanies, but the Bible says that is exactly what they are going to do in the hardness of their hearts.


Zechariah 11:15-17

15 And the Lord said unto me, Take unto thee yet the instruments of a foolish shepherd.

16 For, lo, I will raise up a shepherd in the land, which shall not visit those that be cut off, neither shall seek the young one, nor heal that that is broken, nor feed that that standeth still: but he shall eat the flesh of the fat, and tear their claws in pieces.

17 Woe to the idol shepherd that leaveth the flock! the sword shall be upon his arm, and upon his right eye: his arm shall be clean dried up, and his right eye shall be utterly darkened.


The Jews still have more lessons to learn. The Idol Shepherd is in the wings waiting to replace Olmert, or maybe after the next Prime Minister. A foolish fellow sold out to the secular world. A smooth talker whom the Jews will follow into even greater incompetence. This may be the fellow who leads Israel into the implementation of the blasphemous Road Map. Whatever this is not the end of incompetent leadership for many of the Jews. At the end many will follow the antichrist into eternal torment.

Daniel 8:9-11

9 And out of one of them came forth a little horn, which waxed exceeding great, toward the south, and toward the east, and toward the pleasant land.

10 And it waxed great, even to the host of heaven; and it cast down some of the host and of the stars to the ground, and stamped upon them.

11 Yea, he magnified himself even to the prince of the host, and by him the daily sacrifice was taken away, and the place of his sanctuary was cast down.


The antichrist will duplicate what Antiochus Epiphanies did when he gained control over Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. He will be supported by many of the Jews who willingly will worship him as god.

54 Now the fifteenth day of the month Casleu, in the hundred forty and fifth year, they set up the abomination of desolation upon the altar, and builded idol altars throughout the cities of Juda on every side; 55 And burnt incense at the doors of their houses, and in the streets. 56 And when they had rent in pieces the books of the law which they found, they burnt them with fire. 57 And whosoever was found with any the book of the testament, or if any committed to the law, the king’s commandment was, that they should put him to death. 58 Thus did they by their authority unto the Israelites every month, to as many as were found in the cities. 59 Now the five and twentieth day of the month they did sacrifice upon the idol altar, which was upon the altar of God. 60 At which time according to the commandment they put to death certain women, that had caused their children to be circumcised. 61 And they hanged the infants about their necks, and rifled their houses, and slew them that had circumcised them.
62 Howbeit many in Israel were fully resolved and confirmed in themselves not to eat any unclean thing. 63 Wherefore the rather to die, that they might not be defiled with meats, and that they might not profane the holy covenant: so then they died. 64 And there was very great wrath upon Israel.


The Apocrypha : King James Version. 1995 (1 Mac 1:54-64). Bellingham WA: Logos Research Systems, Inc.


Folks, bad things are in store for Israel during this present era of dispensational change. The good thing is that many Jews are going to turn to Christ. What about you? Have you come to the Savior for the forgiveness of your sin? Only the saved will enter into the coming Kingdom of Christ. God is preparing the Holy Land for the imminent return of the LORD Jesus Christ. Are you ready?


Acts 15:15-18

15 And to this agree the words of the prophets; as it is written,

16 After this I will return, and will build again the tabernacle of David, which is fallen down; and I will build again the ruins thereof, and I will set it up:

17 That the residue of men might seek after the Lord, and all the Gentiles, upon whom my name is called, saith the Lord, who doeth all these things.

18 Known unto God are all his works from the beginning of the world.





Saturday - July 19, 2008

PA: In Praise of Bloodthirsty Terrorist Murderers

by Hana Levi Julian

(IsraelNN.com) Palestinian Authority media, including newspapers and television stations controlled by PA Chairman and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas, have been singing the praises of mass murderers Samir Kuntar and Dalal Mughrabi in recent days, according to the Palestinian Media Watch (PMW).

The PA media have characterized these two terrorists as personifying the ideal hero that a child growing up in the Palestinian Authority should hope to become someday.

Until this past Tuesday night, Kuntar was serving four life sentences in an Israeli prison for the brutal murders of a four-year-old child, her father and a police officer, and the death of the girl's two-year-old sister. In a 1979 attack on Nahariya, Kuntar first killed policeman Eliahu Shachar, then murdered Danny Haran before smashing his small daughter’s skull with his rifle butt and rocks. Little Einat’s baby sister also died, accidentally suffocated by her terrified mother, trying to keep the girl quiet as they hid during the attack.

Kuntar was freed by Israel on Wednesday morning in order to gain the return of IDF reservists Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, kidnapped by Hizbullah terrorists in a cross-border raid that ignited the 2006 Second Lebanon War. Both soldiers were returned dead.

Dalal Mughrabi, whose body was also handed back to Lebanon as part of the exchange for Goldwasser and Regev, led the worst terror attack in the history of Israel. In a 1978 bus hijacking known as the Coastal Road massacre, 37 people, including 13 children and many tourists, were murdered. Before attacking the bus, Mughrabi and her cohorts also murdered photographer Gail Rubin as she took nature photos on the beach.  

Public Congratulations and Blessings from Abbas
PA TV and the Al-Hayat Al-Jadida newspaper both recorded blessings and congratulations to the returning terrorists. Al-Hayat Al-Jadida published a statement by official Fatah spokesman Ahmad Abdul-Rahman on Thursday, who said, “the Fatah movement sends warm blessings to Hizbullah, to all the resistance [terror forces –ed.] and to the Lebanese nation, and the Palestinians for their historic victory over the Israeli arrogance in their victorious July War…"

‘And on the return of the heroes of freedom, the heroes and the Martyrs, headed by the great Samir Kuntar and the martyr fighter Dalal Mughrabi, who led the most glorified sacrifice action in the history of the Palestinian-Israeli struggle...  The Fatah party… vows to the Palestinian people that Fatah will continue to struggle in the way of the pure Martyrs, until the state is liberated and the Palestinian state is established with Jerusalem as the capital. The Fatah movement turns on this day that abounds with sincere blessings to Hizbullah."

“The battle against the theft of Palestine is the battle of all the fighters and all the Arab nations. Blessings to the free heroes and their head, the heroic fighter Samir Kuntar, and blessings to the spirit of the heroic Dalal Mughrabi and to the friends of the heroes. President Mahmoud Abbas congratulated yesterday’s exchange of prisoners and bodies of Martyrs. The president sent blessings to Samir Kuntar’s family.” ...

Trilateral PA-Israel-US Talks Set for Washington July 30
PA negotiator Saeb Erekat told reporters Thursday night that his team will meet with Israeli negotiators in trilateral talks with US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice later this month.  Erekat said chief PA negotiator Ahmed Qureia and Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni would meet with Rice on July 30 to continue final status talks.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Aryeh Mekel claimed he had no knowledge of the plans.




How sad that the United States continues to push the Road Map on the entire world. How sad that we embolden such a culture into greater, and greater depravity. This avowed, and very real baby killer has said he is not finished with the children of Israel as the latest headlines show: "Freed Lebanese prisoners vow to fight Israel." You can be sure he will be in the news again with even greater acts of depravity. The Islamic Arabs hide nothing when it comes to their barbaric behavior. They should be rejected by the world. No civilized nation should have any dealings with them as long as they relish such barbarism. It used to be thought once they get some recognition they will become more civilized, but that thought has proven wrong. All that happens is they get worse. It is this generation that is responsible for emboldening the terrorists on to greater acts of depravity. The whole world is in agreement that the Jews are but a small sacrifice to be made to the barbarians. The gentile politicians have found like minded Jews seeking political prestige, and are willing to sacrifice their own children to the vicious barbarians. Many of the Jews have a bizarre fatalistic approach to life developed over years of persecution. The LORD has chastened the Jews mostly for their rejection of the Messiah. It is because of the chastening that the Jews have such a fatalistic attitude toward life.

Psalms 44:10-11

10 Thou makest us to turn back from the enemy: and they which hate us spoil for themselves.

11 Thou hast given us like sheep appointed for meat; and hast scattered us among the heathen.


All this is going to change. It is going to take the Great Tribulation, but the heart of the Jew is going to be changed. Instead of living to die they will live for Christ. Everlasting life with no end will be their great desire. Today, the Jew sees no purpose in life. They know God is behind this miraculous Third Exodus, but all they see right now is more persecution. Judaism continues to have no purpose, and that will continue until they build Ezekiel's Temple (Ezekiel 40 - 48). It will needs be built under greater persecution then any other Temple. It will require greater sacrifice then at any other time in Jewish history. The whole world will oppose the Jews, but the mandate from God will be clear. The hearts of many Jews will have purpose once more. They will purpose to build the Temple with a throne. They will purpose to live for the soon coming LORD Jesus Christ, their Messiah.

Ezekiel 43:7

7 And he said unto me, Son of man, the place of my throne, and the place of the soles of my feet, where I will dwell in the midst of the children of Israel for ever, and my holy name, shall the house of Israel no more defile, neither they, nor their kings, by their whoredom, nor by the carcases of their kings in their high places.


Friend, are you purposed with this same heart condition. Is life's meaning only in Christ? Does He lift you out of that fatalistic purposeless attitude, and give you reason to live? Friend, I pray what God has promised many of the Jews in the Bible will also happen in your life. It was God's plan to send Christ as the perfect atonement for sin. He sacrificed His perfect blood at Calvary so sin could be forgiven. Lost sinners could be saved. Hearts would be changed. Friend, it is your decision to come, and accept the free gift Christ offers you through His blood. Won't you come right now, and live forever for this Christ of the Bible.


Ezekiel 11:19-21

19 And I will give them one heart, and I will put a new spirit within you; and I will take the stony heart out of their flesh, and will give them an heart of flesh:

20 That they may walk in my statutes, and keep mine ordinances, and do them: and they shall be my people, and I will be their God.

21 But as for them whose heart walketh after the heart of their detestable things and their abominations, I will recompense their way upon their own heads, saith the Lord God .





Sunday - July 20, 2008

Hizbullah infiltrating 'every town' in south Lebanon

IDF raises alert level on northern border

Reports indicate Hizbullah has been expanding its military presence into southern Lebanese villages with non-Shi’ite populations by purchasing land and establishing fortifications and missile launch sites.

Under its post-war strategy, Hizbullah stopped hiding most of its Katyusha rocket launchers in forested "nature reserves" in southern Lebanon and started building facilities in non-Shi’ite villages against their wills, according to IDF sources.

The new UNIFIL mandate drafted by the UN Security Council after the Second Lebanon War in 2006 is a main reason for the change. Currently, UN peacekeeping troops are allowed to patrol rural areas of south Lebanon but cannot go into villages without an escort from the Lebanese army, which often forewarns Hizbullah of any possible inspections.

Hizbullah’s new strategy comes as Israel is urging the UN to amend the UNIFIL mandate  to allow its peacekeepers to freely patrol the villages as well. "Hizbullah is moving into every town that it can," a top defense official told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday. "This is in order to evade UNIFIL detection."

With this week's prisoner swap now complete, the IDF has heightened its alert level on the northern border in anticipation that Hizbullah will try to retaliate for the death of its top military commander Imad Mughniyeh, who was assassinated last February in Damascus.

Meanwhile, Lebanese citizens are complaining of receiving recorded warnings of “harsh retaliation” from Israel on the phone if Hizbullah attacks. The automated messages warn against Hizbullah creating “a state within a state” in Lebanon, and sign off by identifying the caller as “the State of Israel.”

Israel has yet to respond to reports of the recorded messages, which also occurred during the 2006 Second Lebanon War.




It is a foregone conclusion that Hizbullah is now  running Lebanon. Their victory over Israel in the Second Lebanon War two years ago crumbled all opposition from the authorized Lebanese government. The Lebanon government now serves at Hezbollah's pleasure. Hizbullah has the power to force its will on the entire nation. Hizbullah wants Jewish blood. They have been preparing for another Israeli incursion into Lebanon. Iran has supplied them with all the weaponry needed to inflict great pain on the IDF.

Hizbullah is using the Lebanese people as human shields when they build their bunkers. They dig under the village houses so the IDF is helpless to strike with conventional weapons of war, or they will cause great civilian casualties.  Hizbullah is confident they have the Israeli hands tied. Unless Israel changes tactics they will play right into Hezbollah's hands.

I have little insight into how this is all going to work out. I know Hizbullah will do all it can to lure the IDF into another Lebanon War. Probably more kidnappings. Hizbullah wants the world to see Israel as the aggressor, and Hizbullah as the defenders of Lebanon. They know they must tell the world the kind of lies it wants to believe. In the last days of this dispensation it will be the Jews against the gentiles. The Jews will stand alone. They will have no gentile allies.

Friend, you also will stand alone if you chose the Christ of the Bible. This world is no friend to Biblical righteousness. It most certainly is not a friend to the Biblical Christ. Today, there are legions of christ's being presented to a gullible public. A christ who will make you rich. A christ who will heal you of every infirmity. A christ of the Roman Catholic mass. A christ of the cults. A political christ of the liberal Bill Clinton's, Jessie Jackson's, and Jimmy Carter's. There is no end to the christ's of this generation. There is only one Biblical Christ, and He says this world of sin hates Him. He also says if you are truly one of His this world will hate you too. The reason why is because those who are born again, those who posses Christ, will stand for puritanical righteousness. They will desire absolute sinless obedience to this Christ of the Bible. This world wants a christ who will turn the other cheek whenever they sin. They do not want a Christ who will rule with a righteous rod of iron. They hate a Christ who will not excise away their sin. Friend, when you chose the Christ of the Bible you will receive the enmity of the world. If this kind of hard-line absolute sinless puritanical righteousness turns your stomach, then friend you are in need of a changed heart. Only the Christ of the Bible has such power. His atoning blood shed at Calvary has the power to wash away sin. It is you who must decide if you want to continue a life of sin, or reach out to righteousness. The Biblical Christ will never refuse a repentant sinner coming to Him for forgiveness, but friend, you must come. Come to this Christ, and live.


John 15:18-21

18 If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.

19 If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.

20 Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my saying, they will keep yours also.

21 But all these things will they do unto you for my name's sake, because they know not him that sent me.





Tuesday - July 22, 2008

U.N. Soldiers Saluted Coffins of Hizbullah Terrorists

by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

(IsraelNN.com) Israel has protested the action of two United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon (UNIFIL) soldiers who were photographed by the Associated Press while saluting coffins of Hizbullah terrorists freed by Israel.

UNIFIL is mandated to patrol southern Lebanon and prevent Hizbullah from re-arming. Its original mandate also calls on them to disarm the terrorist organization, but UNIFIL officers said at the outset of their mission they would not try to carry out the orders

The photograph shows the soldiers saluting the coffins, which passed through the coastal city of Tyre and bore a large image of Hizbullah mastermind terrorist Imad Mughibyeh, who was assassinated in Syria earlier this year.

Outgoing Israel Ambassador to the U.N. Dan Gillerman said he was "shocked and horrified" by the photograph. “I think this is a very tragic and sad day for the United Nations when its soldiers who were sent there because of Hizbullah terrorist activities salute the terrorists and the killers,” Gillerman said. He urged the U.N. to return the soldiers to their home countries because they "compromised the integrity of the United Nations." The soldiers' identifies were not confirmed, but one report said they are from Italy.

However, a UNIFIL spokeswoman said the soldiers routinely salute all coffins that are draped with Lebanese national flags. Another spokesman, Farhan Haq, told Fox News that the peacekeeping force "is an impartial source; it doesn’t show a bias for either side."

Israel released the bodies of 199 dead terrorists as well as 5 living terrorists, including child murderer Samir Kuntar, in exchange for the bodies of kidnapped and murdered IDF reservists Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, who were returned to their families on Wednesday.




The UN is a sham when it comes to Israel. The resolutions it passes are overwhelmingly anti-Israel. The UN soldiers saluting these baby killing terrorists was no act of showing impartiality. It was exactly what it looked like. The UN honoring the Arab Jew killers. the attitude coming from the rank and file is the same attitude found all the way to the top. The Jews will never receive equal treatment\t from the UN. All they will receive is the same old anti-Semitic bias.

The solution to the Middle East conflict will never come through gentile interference either for, or against the Jews. It is because this conflict is greater then just Arab against Jew, or even Jew against gentile. This conflict is 100% mankind against the the righteous God of the Bible. God has brought about this miraculous Third Exodus in our generation for one purpose, and that is to bring in the next Biblical dispensation no matter what the opposition. It is God's call to begin preparations for the soon return of the LORD Jesus Christ. The world prefers that the Arabs run the Holy Land, but that is not the plan of God. The blasphemous Islamic Arabs will be first to face the wrath of God according to Ezekiel 38 & 39, but God is not going to stop there. The antichrist will step in quickly to fill the void left after the destruction of Islam. The conflict will only expand beyond Arab vs Jew to gentile nations vs the Jews. The whole world of all mankind will become engaged in the conflict. The antichrist, and his hate for the Jews will spread among the gentile nations like a roaring fire. The old Arab Israeli conflict will be like a kindergarten spat once the antichrist goes on his rampage. Anti-Semitism will reach new lows that will make Hitler himself turn over in his grave.

The hate will reach such intensity because of Christ, and what He will do in the Jewish heart. After the end of the Church Age with the translation of all the Christian born again saints into the presents of Christ in heaven, Many of the Jews will be saved laying a new foundation for the next Kingdom Age. Their intensity for righteousness will surpass the best the Church Age could ever have produced. The world will hate them with the same intensity as they will exhibit for their new found redeemer Messiah. There is real intensity of Biblical righteousness coming with Christ when He establishes His rule which is starting  in the Holy Land. Many Jews are predicted to live only for Him. A righteous standard is predicted which the world has not seen. It will be coming out of the hearts of these Jews who will establish the coming Kingdom Age. The gentile nations will hate them for this. The religions of the world will fail in the light of their purity, and the antichrist will step in here also to fill the void for the gentiles. Folks, the standards of the next dispensation will be the highest ever. The gentile nations will say no to the intensity of this kind of righteousness. What about you? Will these unbendable standards be more then what you want. Will you hate the LORD Jesus Christ for enforcing His righteousness with a rod of iron? Friend, if you do then you are in need of a changed heart. Only Christ has the power to do such a miracle. He already brought about this miraculous Third Exodus in the Holy Land. He can also do a miracle in your heart if you will let Him. Come to Christ, and live.


Revelation 14:1-7

4 And I looked, and, lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Sion, and with him an hundred forty and four thousand, having his Father's name written in their foreheads.

2 And I heard a voice from heaven, as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of a great thunder: and I heard the voice of harpers harping with their harps:

3 And they sung as it were a new song before the throne, and before the four beasts, and the elders: and no man could learn that song but the hundred and forty and four thousand, which were redeemed from the earth.

4 These are they which were not defiled with women; for they are virgins. These are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth. These were redeemed from among men, being the firstfruits unto God and to the Lamb.

5 And in their mouth was found no guile: for they are without fault before the throne of God.

6 And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people,

7 Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.





Wednesday - July 23, 2008

Another Bulldozer Attack in Jerusalem: 12 Wounded

by Hillel Fendel

(IsraelNN.com) For the second time in three weeks, an Arab commandeered a bulldozer to commit a terrorist attack in Jerusalem. He wounded several people before being shot and killed.

The terrorist began his attempt to murder Jews on King David St. near the Yemin Moshe neighborhood.  He took a tractor from a construction site, and began plowing into vehicles along the street, hitting three cars and a bus. When he reached the intersection of Keren HaYesod St., a citizen and Border Guard policeman shot and killed him.  The entire incident was over very quickly, eyewitnesses said.

Less than three weeks ago, an Arab from eastern Jerusalem killed three people in a similar attack before he was himself killed by a heroic yeshiva student/soldier.

Of the 12 injured, one is reported in moderate condition - apparently with an amputated leg - and the others have light injuries or are suffering from trauma.  The tractor used in today's attack was smaller than the one used in the previous one.

Moshe Feiglin, leader of the Likud's Manhigut Yehudit faction, was an eyewitness to the attack. He told Voice of Radio that his first impression of the attack was the tractor-shovel attempting to drop down upon a passerby. "At first I thought it was some kind of accident, but very quickly we realized that it was an attack.  Thank G-d, it ended very quickly, because of the alertness of passersby who shot him - I saw a youth I know from the southern Judea community of Susia, who does not want me to mention his name, but he was the first one to shoot the terrorist, and then the Border Guard policeman came and finished the story."

"We have long called for a policy of not hiring Arabs in construction," said Shifra Hoffman of Victims of Arab Terror.  "We hold the government guilty of this attack for not implementing this policy."




I would hope dear reader that you can understand that there will never be peace between Arab and Jew. I also hope you can understand that Islam is an Arabic religion invented by Mohammed to give an Arabic replacement of the Bible throuhgh the Koran. It has become the intolerant  Arabic religion that encompasses all, and has spread far beyond Arabia. The religion, the culture, and the people are insupportable. An Arab Christian, or an Arab anything other then an Islamic is a true rarity. Along with all this is intertwined an inherited hate for the Jew. The Arab would like to say it is because the Jewish God of the Bible first hated them, but thart is not true. The all knowing God of the Bible knows the past. present. and future all at the same time. He is greater then time itself, and from that perspective He has stated that He loves the Jew while He hates the Arab. God knew this generation of Arabs were coming, and revealed His attitude toward them thousands of years ago.

Malachi 1:2-3

2 I have loved you, saith the Lord . Yet ye say, Wherein hast thou loved us? Was not Esau Jacob's brother? saith the Lord : yet I loved Jacob,

3 And I hated Esau, and laid his mountains and his heritage waste for the dragons of the wilderness.


Romans 9:13-14

13 As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated.

14 What shall we say then? Is there unrighteousness with God? God forbid.


Hebrews 12:16-17

16 Lest there be any fornicator, or profane person, as Esau, who for one morsel of meat sold his birthright.

17 For ye know how that afterward, when he would have inherited the blessing, he was rejected: for he found no place of repentance, though he sought it carefully with tears.


Mohammed could not handle the truth, and so he wrote the blasphemous Koran for the Arabic barbarians of his day to give them an alternative to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The desire of the depraved heart gave the Koran instant success. The desire for a god catering to the depraved barbaric mind flowed  throughout the planet. This is why an Arab can take a bulldozer, and purpose to kill Jews for just being Jewish. This is why an Arab can target Jewish women and children with overwhelming joy knowing in his mind he is making Allah happy.

Friend, what god do you crave? The God of the Bible says He hates the Arab, but loves the Jew. He makes this statement knowing the future. Knowing the inter workings of the heart. Can you trust His judgments? He calls you to come dear friend. Won't you respond? The alternative is to abide in the wrath of God forever!

Revelation 22:17

17 And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.




Revelation 1:8

8 I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.


Revelation 1:11

11 Saying, I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last: and, What thou seest, write in a book, and send it unto the seven churches which are in Asia; unto Ephesus, and unto Smyrna, and unto Pergamos, and unto Thyatira, and unto Sardis, and unto Philadelphia, and unto Laodicea.


Revelation 21:6-8

6 And he said unto me, It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.

7 He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son.

8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.


Revelation 22:13-16

13 I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.

14 Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.

15 For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.

16 I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.





Thursday - July 24, 2008

ANALYSIS / Obama visiting Israel to impress Jewish voters, not Israelis

By Aluf Benn

Not since Yitzhak Rabin's funeral has Israel hosted as many senior officials from abroad as it has this year. There was U.S. President George W. Bush (twice), German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. And yet, the visit by presumptive U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama, who landed here for a lightning stay last night, has aroused more interest than any of them. Even more than Carla Bruni.

Four months ago, presumptive Republican candidate Senator John McCain visited Israel, and created a precedent. It was the first time a U.S. presidential candidate came to the Middle East in the midst of the campaign. But the 2008 race for the White House is different. It brings together two generations, two social groups, and two approaches for dealing with the world's problems.

Israelis don't interest McCain and Obama. Rather, it is their Jewish voters and contributors at home. Barack Hussein Obama - with his Muslim stepfather and his childhood in Indonesia, his suggestion to meet with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the leftist image that adheres to his advisors - has raised deep anxieties among the Jewish establishment. Republicans sensed a massive defection of Jewish voters. Obama's campaign managers have identified it as a problem and their candidate has been working on calming things down and issuing pro-Israel statements. McCain visited Sderot and expressed his support for Israel. Obama will follow in his footsteps Wednesday, as the city is experiencing a rare moment of lull. But Obama will also have a chance to denounce terror in real time: Tuesday's bulldozer terror attack took place next to his hotel in Jerusalem.
To the Israeli establishment, McCain seems like the natural choice. With his white hair, expression lines and combat experience, he embodies the Israeli concept of leadership - a kind of American version of Yitzhak Rabin or Ariel Sharon. If McCain continues Bush's policies, Israel will benefit from the term of another U.S. president who understands its needs.

Obama represents an exciting option, albeit a more dangerous one: If he manages to rehabilitate America's international stature, reduce its dependence on oil and push through peace between Israel and the Arabs, Israel's strategic situation will improve dramatically. But on the way, he might have to pressure Israel. If he fails, Israel will have to pay the price without reaping any returns.




There will never be a political solution to the conflict in the Middle East. The politicians as well brag on their ability to end sin as brag on their solution being the right way to end the conflict. God is driving the reality of this truth on this evil generation which is going through dispensational change. God is proving His point by using reality. The reality of the bulldozer attack right next to the hotel where Obama is staying is a loud statement from God to this politician who would divide Jerusalem. The best the politicians can come up with is the Road Map. A plan that has failed at every turn, yet the politicians continue sticking with it telling the gullible that under their particular leadership it will succeed. A Two State solution with Arab, and Jew is impossible unless sin is first ended. That is the truth! God is on record that He has no place for the Road Map. God is on record in the Bible that the Holy Land is the promised land exclusively for the Jews. It is not to be shared! It is to be holy unto the LORD! The Biblical plan is for the Holy Land to be set apart for God, and He distributes the stewardship of it to His chosen people the Jews. This was the plan from the beginning, and has never changed. All that is changing is that God has determined this evil generation is the one in which this miraculous event will take place. The LORD Jesus Christ is coming again. He is coming to the Holy Land, Jerusalem, and the Temple Mount as KING of Kings and LORD of Lords. He is coming to the Jews as their promised King, and Messiah. He is coming to establish His Kingdom on perfect righteousness which will be enforced with a rod of iron. Folks, sin is going to be outlawed! Men may desire to sin, but the LORD Jesus Christ will not allow it! Any who dare chose to sin will be put to death unless they instantly repent. Sin is not going to be allowed to spoil the rule of the LORD Jesus Christ. It is through His perfect blood that the Kingdom will be established, and even Satan will be removed from the 1,000 year reign of our LORD.

Revelation 20:2-3

And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years,

3 And cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal upon him, that he should deceive the nations no more, till the thousand years should be fulfilled: and after that he must be loosed a little season.


Dear Friend, if Satan is not going to be allowed to spoil the reign of Christ, what about you? The coming Kingdom is not going to be for the lofty politicians. Righteousness is going to change everything. It will be an era for the meek and humble. It is the LORD Jesus Christ's plan that the poor souls who have always been last because they gave of themselves to serve Christ, who will be first in the Kingdom! Those who sought no credit to themselves, but gave all glory to Christ will be the co-rulers. The Bible says these servants during the millennial reign of Christ will be mostly Jews. The era of the gentiles will have ended at Armageddon where the gentile nations according to the Bible will chose the antichrist over the Biblical Christ. Friend, I pray you will make a different choice. Come to Christ, and live.


Matthew 5:2-8

2 And he opened his mouth, and taught them, saying,

3 Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

4 Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.

5 Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.

6 Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.

7 Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.

8 Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.





Friday - July 25, 2008

Abbas threatens to pull PA forces from West Bank cities

Unless Israel halts its military operations inside West Bank cities, Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas threatened on Tuesday to withdraw his security forces from these areas. Abbas has been trying to step up efforts against terrorist activities in the West Bank in recent months and Palestinian forces have been deployed in two of the most troubled towns, Nablus and Jenin. Israeli troops continue to operate in Palestinian cities, however, due to the ineffectiveness of the PA forces. Abbas claims this is underming his authority. "If the incursions and the aggression and the insults to the Palestinian police continue, we will withdraw these forces," warned Abbas, who is set to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Thursday to discuss the ongoing IDF operations in the West Bank, reported Reuters.




Here is Abbas complaining about his authority being undermined by the Jews. What authority? The last I heard he fled the Gaza with his tail between his legs. Hamas had overwhelmingly won the popular election over the Abbas Palestinian Authority government. He knew he would receive the same treatment as he meted out when running the Gaza, and so he ran away like a coward. His last official act was to officially dissolve the Palestinian Authority Government so all the welfare money he was collecting would not go to his victorious Hamas foes. The next thing was that Bush, and Olmert had no Arab government in the Holy Land that did not out and out reject the Road Map. Suddenly, the Palestinian Authority Government rose from the dead not in the Gaza, but in Jewish Judah and Samaria where Abbas had fled. Bush and Olmert agreed they would not abide by the Abbas decision to dissolve the old Arafat Palestinian Authority Government. Instead, without elections of any kind, they just by proclamation  installed Abbas as the first King of Judah and Samaria since the era in which the LORD Jesus Christ was crucified. What a blasphemous slap in the face this was to the God of the Bible. Bush and Olmert needed some Arab leader, even a kicked out failed leader hated by his own constituents, who would give lip service to the Road Map, and lip service is all Abbas has ever given to peaceful relations with the Jews. Now he is crying to Olmert that the IDF is interfering with his thugs who he calls Palestinian Arab policemen so they are being hampered in their efforts to extort money from the businessmen of Nablus and Jenin. The perks for these policemen is huge. Their main job is to hide terrorists returning from attacks on the Jewish civilian population. Abbas follows the methods of his mentor Arafat to extort  money from every possible source to finance his own personal finances and interests. There has never been an election in Judah and Samaria, and the reason why is because Abbas would lose. Bush and Olmert would be back in the old position of offering most of the Holy Land, Jerusalem as a capital, and full sovereignty over the Temple Mount to an Arab culture that will accept nothing less then the extermination of the Jews living in the Holy Land. They would again have no Islamic Arab group living in the Holy Land for which to offer the Road Map.

God has a very different plan for the future of the Holy Land. His plan is to bring back the LORD Jesus Christ as KING of Kings and LORD of Lords to the Holy Land, Jerusalem, and the Temple Mount in order to complete this miraculous Third Exodus, and challenge this generation to chose between Biblical righteousness - or judgment! There will be no middle ground. All of mankind will be forced to chose at the moment when Christ returns. One single moment! One single decision! A decision that will have eternal, never changeable, consequences. Most of us understand that being "born again" is the same sort of deciding moment that has come in the life of every believer when we could no longer say no to Christ. The moment of death is the final moment for the unsaved when the opportunity to say yes to Christ will never throughout all eternity future be offered again. Friend, if you are waiting for that moment you are very foolish. It will overwhelm you, and a lifetime of saying no will not be overcome. You will be cast into the eternal fires of hell for all eternity, and friend it will be deserved! Jesus loved you so much He sacrificed Himself at Calvary so your sins could be forgiven, washed clean away through His precious blood, but you said no to His free offer of salvation by grace. A lifetime of saying no to the one who loved you most. Imagine a son or daughter only taking advantage of a mother's love taking all her money, and everything she owns showing only contempt for her loving generosity. Oh friend, don't do that to Christ. Set things straight right now. Come to this Christ of the Bible, and live.


Luke 16:22-23

22 And it came to pass, that the beggar died, and was carried by the angels into Abraham's bosom: the rich man also died, and was buried;

23 And in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments, and seeth Abraham afar off, and Lazarus in his bosom.


Luke 16:28-29

28 For I have five brethren; that he may testify unto them, lest they also come into this place of torment.

29 Abraham saith unto him, They have Moses and the prophets; let them hear them.




Saturday - July 26, 2008

Judea/Samaria Jews Talk Tough: ‘We are not IDF’s Punching Bag'

by Ze'ev Ben-Yechiel

(IsraelNN.com) Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria lashed out Thursday at their treatment by the Israeli Defense Forces after a day of  tense clashes in those regions, promising to exact a ‘price’ in response to the IDF’s  physical aggression, refusal to protect them, and above all the way the IDF treats them in the media.

"We're not the IDF's punching bag," they proclaimed in a statement from the Binyamin-area ‘Homesh First’ activist headquarters, referring to several instances throughout the day when the army spokesperson’s office accused Jewish civilians of violently attacking soldiers. The civilians were vehemently denying that they assaulted any troops, and some of them plan to sue the army for libel.

Confrontations broke out Thursday in several locations between local Jewish residents and Israeli armed forces, in which the IDF was sent in to forcibly remove Jewish residents from their homes. The first incident of the day occurred at 11 a.m., when Yasam special police forces conducted a raid on the outpost of Adei Ad, near Shiloh in Samaria, and carted away a bus that was being used as living quarters.

The Binyamin activist headquarters said in response that if the security forces continue to harass Jewish pioneers in the existing communities, they will have to deal with the pioneers in new locations as well.

In another confrontation at Adei Ad, two Jewish men were arrested by Israeli forces after one of them snatched a rifle from a soldier and fired it into the air. IDF spokesmen described the incident as another violent act committed by ‘settlers,’ and denied any wrongdoing in the incident. The civilian involved in the incident claimed that he took the weapon to save his life from Arab assailants, while the soldiers did nothing to protect him.

Homesh First said the man who took the gun was an air-conditioning technician from Jerusalem who was travelling with a passenger from the town of Kedumim to Itamar in Samaria. The two were attacked by dozens of Arabs who pelted his car with rocks and then attempted to extract him from the car to lynch him. Panic-stricken, he ran to a group of IDF soldiers standing nearby who refused to do anything. Desperate for the soldiers to do their job, he gave up trying to convince them, took the weapon of one of the soldiers, fired in the air and then gave it back. It remains unclear whether the civilian took the rifle forcibly or the soldier agreed to let the civilian use it.

'Army must apologize for false report'
After the initial statements from the IDF accusing the Jewish civilians, police determined that the lives of the two men had truly been in danger, and that their car had indeed been seriously damaged by rocks thrown by Arab rioters. The two were released immediately.

So far no apology for the false report has come from the IDF spokesman’s office. Nor has there been any investigation into why the soldiers, who saw two Jewish civilians in mortal danger at the hands of an Arab mob, failed to act to protect them, even when the Jews begged them to.

Homesh First said it expected the IDF to issue a formal apology for releasing the "negligent" report.

In yet another incident, the IDF said that during an altercation with a group of Jews at Havat Gilad, one of the Jews threatened a soldier with bodily harm by brandishing a knife and pressing it to the soldier's neck. The army spokesman’s report said that the Jew then grabbed the soldier's helmet and fled the scene. The soldier was unharmed. 

Ynet quoted military spokesmen as saying that the incident was viewed “severely” and would be dealt with. "A red line has been crossed here, this is very serious," said the spokesmen.

However, the Havat Gilad Jews vehemently denied that anyone from their group had threatened a soldier with a knife or in any way. Meanwhile they confirmed that a helmet had indeed been stolen from a soldier, and said it would be returned to the military promptly. 

Itai Zar founded Havat Gilad (Gilad’s Farm) and named it after his brother, who was killed in an Arab terror attack. He told reporters that the army's claims "are utter lies. There were two witnesses here – one of them the regional security officer and the other one a lawyer. They both saw the helmet being taken from the soldier, but there were no threats made with a knife. Therefore, we intend to sue the IDF Spokesman's Office."




You ask, why would Jewish soldiers stand by doing nothing in an incident where Arab rioters are trying to kill 2 Jews in an area where Independent Fundamental Jewish Settlers live (Judah and Samaria)? I will tell you. This all goes back to the great influx of Jews from the USSR during it's downfall. Israel was flooded with new mostly Russian refugees. The job market was flooded, and many of the refugee professionals found themselves doing menial jobs in order to survive. It was easy to broad brush all the newcomers with the equivalent of the American Hillbilly terminology. They were painted as stupid, lazy, and only capable of doing the lowest of skill level jobs. This great influx caused the housing market to skyrocket along with all other basic needs. The homegrown mostly liberal big city apartment dwelling  Jew overnight found apartments quadrupled in price, and could not be found even if he had the cash. Everything skyrocketed in Israel making already difficult living conditions almost impossible. It was easy to blame it all on the Hillbillies, and there was truth in the charge. A very selfish truth. Life became much harder then it ever was before. These new Jews came without tradition. The old USSR stifled religious practice. After many generations under Communism about all they knew was they were Jewish. They came to Israel knowing only there was something different about them, and Israel was their home. This was where their Jewish God lived. They looked at the mess of the now secularized Jewish religion filled with multiple traditions which are the confused product of the Pharisees going back to the days of Christ, and said that is not the truth for which we seek. That is not what we expect from the God of the Bible who lives in Israel. They would not align themselves with either the religious, or the political traditional Jewish groups controlling Israel. They remained independent! They continued to seek an illusive truth that they knew was there somewhere. They rejected the liberal secularized Jewish majority seeking a more conservative course that would be more aligned with the Bible.  They rejected the hypocritical Ultra-Orthodox who took tradition into a religious legalistic cesspool of unbiblical foolishness geared only for the blinded pride filled arrogant Rabies who  promote such things as traditional Judaism.

These Jewish refugees could not afford a comfortable apartment in Tel Aviv, and did not fit into that Jewish culture anyway. The newly Judaized West Bank opened around this time. Jordan withdrew across the Jordan River after the 1967 War vowing to the Jordanian people, and the world that they would never return. The Golan Heights, Gaza, Judah, Samaria, Jerusalem, and the Temple Mount were now all Jewish. The land was now open to Jewish homesteading, and God had already brought the right Jews to the Holy Land who were to do the pioneering. Jews who had lived in Judah and Samaria for thousands of years, but were evicted by the Islamic Jordanians after WW I led the way back. They were joined by massive numbers of the refugees. The refugees  knew the Bible gave them a mandate to occupy the Promised Land, and that is just what they did. They had to live in very primitive conditions at the beginning adding to the Hillbilly slams from the more affluent liberals, but they survived making the desert bloom. They prospered now numbering over 300,000. They have also become the thorn in the side to the Road Map. No Jews are going to be allowed in the Islamic part of the Holy Land even though Islamic Arabs have always been allowed in Jewish Israel. The barbarians are clear that they will murder every Jew under their authority. The Road Map is specific. All Jews must be removed from Judah and Samaria. There is no counter proposal that all Islamic Arabs be removed from Israel at the same time. It is a one-sided plan that gives only the Arabs exclusivity. The big losers all the way around are the Independent Fundamental Jewish Settlers who worked hard with a pioneering spirit to make the land prosper.

Olmert knows he can't remove 300,000 conservative settlers without the help of the army. Olmert has been vilifying the settlers ever since he took office claiming they are all troublemakers needing to be forcibly removed for the cause of peace. He realized that conservative Jews in the army would have a great moral problem in obeying orders to forcefully remove these patriotic Jews who were only trying to obey God. Olmert then politicized the army. He forced into retirement all older officers who were conservative replacing them with liberals. He fired all conservative officers among the chiefs of staff blaming them for the failure of the Second Lebanon War which he then turned around claiming victory. The Israeli Defense Force is now lopsidedly liberal under Olmert. The IDF has become so liberal that soldiers seeing what the perceived as Independent Fundamental Jewish Settlers being attacked by an Arab mob just stood there doing nothing figuring they were getting what they deserved for trying to wreak the Road Map for peace.

Friend, it will be the humble, faithful Jews who will convert to Christ when dispensational change comes. They will be the final victors who will establish the coming Jewish Kingdom. All the puffed-up worldly politicians, and those who give them their power will find their place in the lake of fire. Friend, I pray you will also come to this Christ of the Bible who is coming again to the Holy Land, Jerusalem, and the Temple Mount. He shed His blood at Calvary providing the perfect atonement for sin. Friend, it is only through the blood of Christ that sin can be forgiven. Won't you come to Him , and be saved!


Ephesians 2:12-13

12 That at that time ye were without Christ, being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope, and without God in the world:

13 But now in Christ Jesus ye who sometimes were far off are made nigh by the blood of Christ.


Colossians 1:13-14

13 Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son:

14 In whom we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins:


Hebrews 9:14

14 How much more shall the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered himself without spot to God, purge your conscience from dead works to serve the living God?


1 Peter 1:18-21

18 Forasmuch as ye know that ye were not redeemed with corruptible things, as silver and gold, from your vain conversation received by tradition from your fathers;

19 But with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot:

20 Who verily was foreordained before the foundation of the world, but was manifest in these last times for you,

21 Who by him do believe in God, that raised him up from the dead, and gave him glory; that your faith and hope might be in God.





Sunday - July 27, 2008

Report: Ahmadinejad says Iran now has 6,000 centrifuges

By The Associated Press

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Saturday that Iran now possesses 6,000 centrifuges, machines used to enrich uranium, the semi-official Fars news agency reported.

"Islamic Iran today possesses 6,000 centrifuges," Fars quoted Ahmadinejad as telling university professors in the northeastern city of Mashhad.

The new figure is double the 3,000 centrifuges Iran had previously said it was operating in its uranium enrichment plant in Natanz. In April, Ahmadinejad said Iran had begun installing 6,000 centrifuges at Natanz. His reported comments Saturday provided the first public assertion that Iran has reached that goal.

The announcement is another act of defiance in the face of demands by the United States and other world powers for Iran to halt its enrichment work, which Washington and its allies fear Iran is intent on using to develop weapons.

However, Ahmadinejad said those nations - the U.S., Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany - have tempered their demands, asking Iran not to freeze enrichment but rather not to expand its current program beyond 6,000 centrifuges, state-run radio reported.

"Today, they have consented that the existing 5,000 or 6,000 centrifuges not be increased and that operation of this number of centrifuges is not a problem," state radio quoted Ahmadinejad as saying on Saturday.

In its negotiation with Iran, the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany have offered a package of technological, economic and political incentives in return for Iran's cooperation.

A report by the UN's nuclear monitoring agency that was delivered to the Security Council in May said Iran had 3,500 centrifuges, though a senior UN official said at the time that Iran's goal of 6,000 machines running by the summer was pretty much plausible.

Uranium can be used as nuclear reactor fuel or as the core for atomic warheads, depending on the degree of enrichment. Iran says it is interested in enrichment only for its nuclear power program.

The workhorse of Iran's enrichment program is the P-1 centrifuge, which is run in cascades of 164 machines. But Iranian officials confirmed in February that they had started using the IR-2 centrifuge that can churn out enriched uranium at more than double the rate.

A total of 3,000 centrifuges is the commonly accepted figure for a nuclear enrichment program that is past the experimental stage and can be used as a platform for a full industrial-scale program that could churn out enough enriched material for dozens of nuclear weapons.

Iran says it plans to move toward large-scale uranium enrichment that ultimately will involve 54,000 centrifuges.




Iran has never slowed in its nuclear bomb program from the inception. Every goal has been met to date. They have lied again and again to the gullible politicians, but never slowed for a moment. The Nazis had a final solution plan for the Jews during WW II. That plan also never slowed throughout the War years. The Germans lied about it to the gullible, but never hid what they were doing. The whole world knew they were rounding up all the Jews under their control, and shipping them to the death camps. It was the final solution to the Jewish problem. I saw a Torah Scroll in Birmingham, Alabama that came from a German warehouse after the War. It used to belong to a Polish Jewish Synagogue. The entire congregation was put to death during the Holocaust. The Germans collected the Torah Scroll, and other artifacts from the Synagogue as well as thousands of other Synagogues with the intention of some day opening a museum to a vanquished nonexistent race. The museum would have been dedicated to the Jews, and their foolish faith in their book the Bible. Folks, understand the same demonic spirit that drove Hitler and the Nazis is alive and well in Ahmadinejad and the Iranians. It is why God inspired Ezekiel to write Ezekiel 39! The barbarians of our generation are about to suffer the same fate as the Nazis of the last generation. This time God is not going to use the Allies. This time God is going to manifest His wrath in supernatural power. Ezekiel 38 identifies Iran as the Eastern prong of a three pronged Islamic invasion of Israel. The invaders are turned into fodder for the birds of the air, and the beasts of the field. A fitting end to a culture sold out to bestiality. A culture that seared the conscience of its youth against the Jews. Islam has nurtured a generation on hate. When Israel became a nation at the end of WW II , Islamic barbarians swore a blood oath they would exterminate the Jews of the Holy Land. Ahmadinejad is the product of that oath. His unwavering plan to wipe Israel off the map is now fully engaged. It is not hid from the world politicians, but the Bible indicates they will do nothing when the invasion takes place. We have seen the all talk, but no action politicians of the past. The endless negotiations that only play into the hands of evil. We are about to be reintroduced to this class of politician once again. It will be God who must save the Jews, or the barbarians will win the day.

The plan of God is a perfect plan to bring peace not only to the Holy Land, but the entire world. This plan exempts all the politicians. It exempts all the religions. It exempts all the gentile nations. It focuses on one single person, and one single place as the center of all God will be doing in the next dispensation. It is the place where the next King of the Jews will sit on His throne. It is the Temple Mount located in the city of Jerusalem found only in the Holy Land. Friend, will you be included on that day when Jesus Christ assumes His rightful place? The LORD Jesus Christ is coming again, and when He comes He will separate the saved and the unsaved. There will be no middle ground. Either you will be as a lamb with the Lamb of God, or you will be as a goat cast away for all eternity. Friend, won't you come to the Christ of the Bible, and live.


Matthew 25:32-34

32 And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats:

33 And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left.

34 Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world:


Matthew 25:41

41 Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels:


Matthew 25:46

46 And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal.






Tuesday - July 28, 2008

Latest PA Libel Exposed: Israel Dispatches Anti-Arab Rats

by Hillel Fendel

(IsraelNN.com) Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) reports that two Arab newspapers in the Palestinian Authority are accusing Israelis of unleashing bands of rats against Jerusalem's Arab population.

PMW, which monitors media in the Palestinian Authority for anti-Israel items, reports on what it calls "yet another wild accusation about Israel" in the PA press.  "Two PA newspapers - one directly controlled by the office of PA President Mahmoud Abbas - are accusing Israel of releasing rats with  supernatural qualities to chase away the Arab residents of Jerusalem," write PMW's Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook.

According to the PA papers, the Israeli-Jerusalem rat is:
1. Immune to rat poison
2. Aggressive and larger than usual
3. Unafraid of cats and able to scare them away
4. Highly fertile, with females giving birth to 140 young rats a year, four times the normal average
5. Highly selective, as Jewish residents of Jerusalem apparently are not affected by these rats.

Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, an official PA organ controlled by the office of PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas, reported on July 18:

"[Israeli] settlers have been bringing chests filled with rats and releasing them in the Old City's [Arab] neighborhoods; they breed and have become a major curse... the [Arab] residents' efforts to counter this infestation have failed, especially since cats run away from these rats because of their size and ferocity... All of the conventional efforts to kill them have not succeeded, because they seem to be immune to poison and they breed in the sewers. It is known that this female rat gives birth seven times a year, each time giving birth to 20 babies, which compels Jerusalem's [Arabs] today to face the dangers of settlement and the infestation of rats..."
This followed a report by another paper, Al-Ayyam, the day before:
"Large numbers of [Israeli] settlers have been bringing huge cages full of rats and releasing them onto the streets and alleys of the Old City... in order to turn the [Arab] residents' life into a living hell, forcing then to leave..."

"Creating libels against Israel," PMW reports, "is a pivotal aspect of the Palestinian Authority's incitement to hatred against Israel and Jews." The organization reported earlier this month that the PA media were accusing Israel of conducting Nazi-like experiments on Palestinan prisoners. 





It matters not that you get a big laugh out of this latest lie coming from the Islamic Arabs of Judah and Samaria. What matters is that the Arabs believe it. The Arabs believe that the Jews experiment on Arab prisoners to develop such genetic terrors as super rats that only attack Arabs. It is believable because the Arabs know they send suicide Pizza Parlor bombers to kill Jewish children, and so expect the Jews to be as barbaric back. The Arabs fear what the Jews might do to them, and so such bizarre stories as this become believable. The Islamic god Allah would encourage such experimentation on the Jews were that possible, however the God of the Bible would put such experimentation into the category of being unethical.

Something far worse then genetically controlled rats are going to put an end to not just the Arabs of Jerusalem, but the entire Arabic inspired religion of Islam. This generation has purposed to nurture their children on hate. They so hate, and vilify the Jews that they taught their children to believe every lie told about the Jews as if it were true. They seared the consciences of their children turning them into animals that can kill with absolutely no remorse. The suicide bomber can walk into a crowd of teenaged Jews, and blow them all into bits and pieces. The Arabs of this generation have sold their integrity to the devil. Animals they have produced, and by animals they shall perish.

Ezekiel 39:17-19

17 And, thou son of man, thus saith the Lord God ; Speak unto every feathered fowl, and to every beast of the field, Assemble yourselves, and come; gather yourselves on every side to my sacrifice that I do sacrifice for you, even a great sacrifice upon the mountains of Israel, that ye may eat flesh, and drink blood.

18 Ye shall eat the flesh of the mighty, and drink the blood of the princes of the earth, of rams, of lambs, and of goats, of bullocks, all of them fatlings of Bashan.

19 And ye shall eat fat till ye be full, and drink blood till ye be drunken, of my sacrifice which I have sacrificed for you.


The mighty oil rich Arab sheiks are soon to have their bones picked clean by the fowl of the air, and the beasts of the field. The God of the Bible calls the coming Arab massacre a great sacrifice to the false barbarian god of the Arabs whom they call Allah. They turned their children into animalistic conscienceless beasts, and so God has chosen the right ending to their folly. The Bible says the gentile nations are going to hate God for His judgment on Islam.

Friend, I pray you will not hate God because He threatens to judge you for your sin. I pray rather you seek His love through the LORD Jesus Christ. This is a world of sin. Hate is rampant, yet in the midst of all this sin came the LORD Jesus Christ as a babe born in Bethlehem. Friend, He is coming again to the Holy Land, but this time in the character of the LORD of hosts. He will wipeout Islam in a moment as He prepares the world for His return. Sin, and those who prefer to serve sin rather then be righteous will be judged in a moment at Armageddon. The sacrifice of Islam will be a warning to the rest of the gentile nations of coming greater judgment. Friend, will you be among the judged, or will you find a refuge from judgment in Jesus Christ? Salvation is available at this very moment if you will only come to this Christ of the Bible. He died the perfect death at Calvary satisfying the perfect justice of the Holy God of the Bible.  He bare all our sins in His own body. He offers forgiveness of sin through His blood to all who will come. Friend, come to this Christ of the Bible, and live.


1 Peter 2:24-25

24 Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed.

25 For ye were as sheep going astray; but are now returned unto the Shepherd and Bishop of your souls.






Wednesday - July 30, 2008

Third of British Muslim Students Justify Killing for Religion

by Hana Levi Julian\

(IsraelNN.com) A new report released Monday by the London-based Center for Social Cohesion reveals that British Muslim students are not far behind their Middle Eastern peers in their social values, especially those who are members of on-campus Islamic societies.

The report, entitled "Islam on Campus: A Survey of UK Student Opinion," reveals that approximately a third of those surveyed supported the idea that one can kill in the name of religion, a finding that has raised alarm bells.

The Center drew its information from field interviews as well as a YouGov poll of 1,400 students.

"Universities should be places where people of all faiths and backgrounds can come together in an environment of mutual tolerance," said Center director Douglas Murray.

The study also found that 43 percent of Muslim students said they felt that Islam was compatible with secularism.

Among the Muslim students surveyed, 32 percent said killing in the name of religion could be justified. However, almost double that number, 60 percent of those who are active members of Islamic student organizations, supported the idea.

Only 2 percent of non-Muslims felt killing in the name of religion was justified.

The report also showed that the vast majority of students polled – 79 percent – said they respected Jews. Only seven percent said they had "very little or no respect at all" for Jews.

"These findings are deeply alarming," said one of the authors of the report, researcher Hanna Stuart. "Students in higher education are the future leaders of their communities."

She noted, however, that there was a striking difference between the average Muslim and those who join on-campus Islamic groups, who "often hold opinions that are significantly more extreme than those of ordinary Muslim students." 

The director of the center, Douglas Murray, concurred. "It is vital that students and government understand that groups like [the Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS)] – who often promote a highly conservative interpretation of Islam – are not representative of all Muslim students. Empowering these groups risks giving an official stamp of approval to extreme forms of Islam," he warned.

The study also found that 40 percent of the students supported introduction of Islamic Sharia law (Islamic religious law) in Britain, as well as significant support for the concept of worldwide Islamic rule.

 A third were in favor of a worldwide caliphate (worldwide Islamic government) based on Sharia law, as opposed to the 58 percent of active members of Islamic student organizations, who supported the idea.

"It is important that pluralist and democratic Muslim voices are encouraged and promoted and that intolerant voices are sidelined. University authorities need to urgently take steps to reduce Islamist influence on campus," said Center director Murray.

Researcher Hannah also noted that the research showed significant numbers of students "appear to hold beliefs which contravene liberal, democratic values. In addition, there are signs of growing religious segregation on campus. These results are deeply embarrassing for those who have said there is no extremism in British universities."



Well, how interesting that the barbarians admit they respect the Jews even though they teach their children all Jews are pigs and monkeys, but even though they have some  respect for the pigs they will kill them anyway. Education does not wipe away barbarianism. All education does is make the barbarian more dangerous. Bias hatred against the Jews is engrained into this generation of Moslems, and no amount of education will change that fact. What will cause change in Islam will be Ezekiel 39 when the coming Islamic invaders of Israel are destroyed. That lesson of how God is prepared to protect the Jews of the Holy Land will have a lasting effect. It is the practical lessons that have impact. The real issue here is what is righteousness in the eyes of these students.  Is it righteous to murder Jews for just being Jewish? Only 2% of non-Moslem students think it righteous to murder religious opponents while 32% of Moslems are convinced Allah will reward every killer of Jews. The righteousness of the Bible, and the righteousness of the Koran are two very different things. The God of the Bible. The God of Abraham , Isaac, and Jacob loves the Jews. The god of the Koran. The god of Abraham, Ishmael, and Esau hates the Jews. Jesus knew that the Jews of His day had drifted from the teachings of the Bible, and reminded them lest they slip into barbarianism.

Matthew 5:43-45

43 Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy.

44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

45 That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.


God the Father, the Holy God of the Bible, teaches just the opposite of what Allah teaches in the Koran. Mohammed was no stranger to what Jesus taught, but he was not interested in Biblical righteousness when he wrote the Koran. His interest was to acquaint the world with the blasphemous god he created for the barbarian Arabs of his day. A god filled with hate who would encourage his followers to murder the infidels. A god who would reward his followers with a sexually perverted Paradise if they should die murdering his enemies of whom the Jews always get special preference. This god of the barbarians can be measured by the fruit produced in this generation. The Moslem students in the survey who practice diligently the religion of Islam are doubly convinced that it is an act of Islamic righteousness to murder a Jew. The more religious the more likely the student is a barbarian.

Dear reader, if you are a Moslem, how do you answer this reality about being a barbarian? There is only one God, and He is the God of the Bible. He should have chosen the Bohemians, but He chose the Jews. Mohammed should never have allowed his Arabic heritage to influence his ability to submit to what the Bible has said. Friend, what about you? Can you submit to the God who wrote the Ten Commandments. Can you submit to God's Son who gave His life as the perfect sacrifice for sin. A perfect atonement was offered, and accepted at Calvary proven on Easter Sunday when the Holy God of the Bible acknowledged Christ had the victory over sin and death. Friend, He offers that victory to you through grace. You also can have victory over sin and death, but you must come to Christ. Mohammed is worthless when it comes to making an atonement for sin. His offering to the world was only in his own demented concept of Paradise. Dear friend, come to this Christ of the Bible, and live. Our righteousness is found only in Christ, and the fact that His blood has the power to forgive sin. The LORD Jesus Christ has the power to change the heart of the sinner. Oh friend, won't you come.


1 Peter 2:24-25

24 Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed.

25 For ye were as sheep going astray; but are now returned unto the Shepherd and Bishop of your souls.


Romans 5:11

11 And not only so, but we also joy in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom we have now received the atonement.






Thursday - July 31, 2008

Hamas Warns of Revolt against PA

by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

(IsraelNN.com) Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri warned Tuesday that the Fatah crackdown on the rival Hamas terrorist party in Judea and Samaria could spark a revolt. A Fatah leader dismissed the threats as being made by "irresponsible people."
Fatah has arrested hundreds of Hamas members and leaders and is closing down businesses, schools and institutions associated with Hamas.

Hamas, which ousted Fatah from political power in Gaza after bloody clashes in June 2007, has charged that Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Salam Fayyad are cooperating with Israel by trying to wipe out Hamas's strength.

"Now the Zionists [Israelis] are protecting you," Hamas said in a statement addressed to PA forces in Judea and Samaria. "You know that once the protection of the Zionists is over, people will enter your headquarters and kick you out."

A Fatah military officer challenged Hamas to try to stage a revolt. "What are they waiting for? Why is it allowed for them to kill and arrest people in Gaza?" he said.

Hamas has arrested more than 200 Fatah members in Gaza, and Fatah has retaliated in Judea and Samaria, causing an overflow in PA jails.




The hand writing is already on the wall! Should the Road Map ever be enacted with the Palestinian Authority Government, Hamas is going to take all of Judah and Samaria from them as they took the Gaza  after the Israeli withdrawal. Folks, it is beyond reason why the world politicians stick with the Road Map. It fails at every turn! The Fatah terrorists of the PA have treated their own people as badly as they have hate for the Jews. They were formed by that arch terrorist Arafat to be his personal thugs who would terrorize the Jews while keeping the Palestinian Arabs in line. Arafat determined there would only be one dictator of the Palestinian Arabs, and that would be him. Fatah was set up as an independent special force that was supposedly accountable to no one, but in reality did all the dirty work Arafat wanted done. His personal Nazi party. When things went wrong, he could blame them anonymously keeping his own hands clean. When they would sting the Jews through terrorism, he would get the Islamic credit. The bottom line about Fatah is that they are thugs. The Arab on the street is more intimidated by Fatah as they ever were by the Jews. Fatah extorted what little money could be found among the Palestinian Arabs. They had all the guns, and invoked the contempt of the people through their strong arm tactics. There has never been a vote in Judah and Samaria establishing the banished PA, and their Fatah military arm after they fled Gaza. Abbas became the first King of Judah since Biblical days by decree. Bush and Olmert agreed they would resurrect the PA Government in Judah and Samaria because there was no other group of Arabs willing to negotiate with the hated Jews. The Road Map was dead without Abbas and the PA. Hamas has already said they wll never negotiate for part of the Holy Land. They want it all, or nothing. Hamas knows the people accept them over the corrupted PA, and they will be able to take Judah and Samaria whenever they wish. Hamas can't beat the Israeli Army, but they can easily overthrow the PA. The plan is to let the Road Map go forward. The Jews then withdraw from Judah and Samaria giving them to the PA as they did in the Gaza. It is then that Hamas will take both Judah and Samaria through democratic election from the PA. 

Friend, we are into another political cycle where the Holy Land is very prominent. All political parties are in agreement that the failed Road Map is the only game in town. Everything God blessed the Jews with after the 1967 War must be given to the barbarian Moslems. The plan of God centered in the return of the LORD Jesus Christ as the coming again King of the Jews must be stopped! The Road Map is the way to stop God from fulfilling His promises in the Bible. Of this dastardly plan both Republican, and Democrat agree.  The Road Map is the only plan the politicians of the world agree. The God of the Bible can't have exclusive rights to the Holy Land. He must share it with Allah, and the Koran. He must summit to the politicians of this generation, or they will unanimously reject Him. They will lead all in a universal rebellion against such an unmovable God as this.

Friend, you must separate yourself from this system which has proved itself anti-God, anti-Bible, and anti-Christ. Come to the Christ of the Bible.


2 Corinthians 6:17-18

17 Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you,

18 And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.




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